Midžor from Topli Do and returning via Babin Zub.

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Serbia, Europe
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Aug 6, 2013
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Midžor from Topli Do and returning via Babin Zub.
Created On: Oct 5, 2013
Last Edited On: Jul 12, 2014

Midžor from Topli Do and returning via Babin Zub.

Solo ascent on hot summer's day.  I arrived at my starting point of Topli Do and began my climb around eleven in the morning, having completed a five hour drive from Novi Sad, Serbia’s second city far in the north. From the village I followed an unmarked trail (sometime clear on the ground, often not) up to Cićeina Čuka and on to the Dugobilo spur before climbing steeply up the grassy mountain side to a better trail that then led to the roof of Serbia.  By the time I began my descent from Midžor towards Babin Zub, the sun was becoming low in the summer sky. On arrival at Babin Zub ski resort I had planned to follow the crest of a spur down back down to Topli Do, thus completing a ridge top loop. But the path on the map seemed to have disappeared under the bulldozers developing the ski resort. Instead I took to a forest track that led me safely to my destination, though arriving after dark under the watchful eyes of the residence who sat talking and drinking with their neighbours outside in the warm evening air. See 360° panoramic tour at www.virtualmountains.co.uk/Midzor.

Topli Do
Inside Topli Do
Ascending to the Dugobilo spur.
Ascending to the Dugobilo spur with Midzor in sight.
Summit of Midzor
Summit of Midzor



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