Mikhail Tronov

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Mikhail Tronov
Created On: Sep 17, 2012
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An esteemed man

Mikhail Tronov (1892-1978) - soviet climatologist and explorer of glaciers, Honoured Science Worker of USSR, professor of Tomsk State University (1927-1978), Ph.D in geography. All his life long M. Tronov explored the wild nature and glaciers, he discovered more than half of well-known Altay glaciers.

M. Tronov set up and ran a research laboratory, the only in the Soviet Union, under Tomsk State University. The laboratory investigated the climate and the origin of glaciers; it still exists in the 21st century.

Tronov led scientific expeditions to the Altay Mountains for 50 years. He was the first who reached the Belukha summit.

During his expeditions in Altay, Tronov stayed in a small hut, specially built for harsh winters. Nowadays, you can find this hut with the roof made of bark during your walking tours to the summits of Aktru. It is a memorial place of a great man and great explorer. Add External Links text here.


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Mikhail Tronov

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