Milner Peak

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Western Cape, South Africa, Africa
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Milner Peak
Created On: Oct 23, 2003
Last Edited On: Jan 19, 2010


An easy mountain to both access and reach the top of in a single weekend. It offers two summits - the Milner peak proper and the marginally lower Milner Needle. From the route to the summit one has impressive views of the Milner amphitheatre (a popular big wall for climbing and base jumping) and the Milner vlaktes as well as many of the peaks in the Hex River range and peaks north of the range including the Klein Winterhoek.

Getting There

For directions and access to the mountain permission is necessary from the University of Cape Town Mountain and Ski Club (who control parking and access on the land). Parking is on a farm in the Ceres valley and access is by permit only. Details are provided on application for a permit. You can reach the club on

Red Tape

As above, permits to both park on the farm from which the peak is accessed and to hike on the land are necessary from the University of Cape Town Mountain and Ski Club. Although not on their land it is a good idea to also notify the Cape Town section of the Mountain Club of South Africa as their property abuts onto the area in which the peak is located.

When To Climb

In winter (anytime from May through to September) this mountain can be covered with layers of snow and ice which makes progress without crampons very difficult and visibility is often poor. Summers are very hot and dry with evening winds. Best time to climb is in October or November when water is still plentiful on the approach to the mountain.


No overnight huts are provided. It is a wilderness area and camping is permitted anywhere outside of the farm boundaries. There are ample camping sites on the vlaktes below the peak and water is generally freely available although it may be hard to find mid-summer. There one or two passable spots for pitching tents on the peak itself, but water is generally not available on the peak except in Winter when snow or ice can be melted.

Route Description

There are several means of approaching Milner including a range of options from the north, one from the east and several options from the South. I will attempt to post routes I have used as soon as I can - contact me in interim if you're going that way and want help.

Milner Peak

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