Miseljska dolina

Reaching the upper part of Miseljska dolina, the valley flettens. Here is an important point, where you go in different directions, but by none of them you will find a path or even a trail. If you continue by the valley, you will scramble up on Hribarice plateau. The passage is seen on this picture. In early summer (this was July), snow rests can make you quite some troubles, as they are steep. Towards the right, you can find a passage on Miselj ridge. If you know it, you can hit just the flat part of the ridge, before it rises on the highest point - Miseljski konec. Towards the left, you can try to scramble up on the saddle between Vrh Hribaric and Skednjovec. This is one of the ascent routes on the latter. And, if you are arriving from somewhere above, you can cross from this point towards the SE and reach Miseljski preval (saddle), not losing much of altitude.


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