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Ioannina, Greece, Europe
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Mitsikeli is the mountain that looms over the northern Greek city of Ioannina. Its southern face rises from the shores of Lake Pamvotis at an elevation of 450 meters all the way to the summit. Also on the southern flank of the mountain is the town of Ligiades, which is famous in Greece for being known as a town of resistance during world war 2 against the Germa occupation. Over 100 innocent civilains were killed by the Nazis when they conducted a repreisal attack on the twon after residents of Ligiades continously attcked the Nazi occupation forces.

The summit of Mitsikeli offers wonderful views in every direction. Due to its pointed summit, a climber gets awared with a 360 degree view. To the north and northwest once can see the Timfi and smolikas mountains. To the east are the pindus mountais of Lakmos and Tzoumerka. To the south at the foot of the mountain is the city of Ioannina and Lake Pamvotis with Tomaros dominating the background. This mountain can be climbed during all months of the year, but it may be neccesary to have crampons as this mountain recives a good amount of snow every year.

Getting There

Mitsikeli is very close to the city of Ioannina. From the city center, take the highway towrds Metsovo and Lamia which in turn will pass through Perama. After a few kilometers of passing Perama, exit highway E-92 towards Ligiades. Go right through the town of Ligiades and the road will take you nearly to the summit of this 5800 foot mountain peak. There is a radio tower near the summit of the mountain, park your car and tackle the summit which is only 15 minutes away. The elevation of the radio facility is 5500 feet so the elevation gain is roughly 360 feet.

Red Tape

No red tape here, just dont mess with the livestock.


Camping is allowed, and there is also a climbing refuge on the mountain. The refuge is named "Apostolos Bertodoulos" and has 28 beds. The refuge is at an elevation of 1290 meters and access can be given by calling +302651022138.

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