Mmmmmm Pasta Salad

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Washington, United States, North America
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Aug 16, 2002
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Mmmmmm Pasta Salad
Created On: Sep 1, 2005
Last Edited On: Apr 8, 2006
[img:175469:alignleft:small:]I had climbed this peak several times before this particular day but this one was extra special. This time I took my future wife, Kenzie along with me for the climb. She had never been to the top so she did not know what to expect other than "it is awesome" as I kept telling her. She was about to kill me by the time we reached the top because I kept pushing to reach the summit. But it was all better once we were there because the views are outstanding. Unfortunately, I had not packed enough water or food. So we were dreaming of food all the way back to the car. Thankfully we were able to get some water when we reached Moonshine Flats but that didn't solve the food problem. When we reached the car however she had packed up some pasta salad and mountain dew. Let me tell you that was the best darn meal either of us had ever had. Now unfortunately though when I say something is just around the corner, I get slapped. This was the fifth and final attempt to climb this summit for now. Although now that I have proper gear I may attempt it sometime in the winter. I had summited twice before this climb and turned back twice. The two successful attempts were made on gorgeous days. Both of the non-successful attempts were made in the snow without proper equipment. It gets pretty tough trying to climb elevation when your feet are sinking into the snow about 2 feet each time. This is my first peak long before I met my wife and ironically enough it was also Kenzie's first peak. Absolutely an unforgettable peak!!!


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Mmmmmm Pasta Salad

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