Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 35.50000°N / 58.70000°E
Additional Information County: Iran
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Big Wall
Seasons Season: Spring, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 9875 ft / 3010 m
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It has a good view and seems higher than it is ! The north face of the mountain is a big wall and needs technical tools of rock climbing , but most of the climbers climbe from the south face which needs basic techniques of rock climbing ( 5.9 ) .

Getting There

The best rout is from "Mashhad" or "Torbat-e-heydariyeh" ( 2 city in Khorasan province ) toward a town called "Kadkan" . there is a 3 hour trip from mashhad to kadkan by bus . From kadkan walking trouhg a wide valley start for about 4 hours to the base camp at north face of molkooh , in the shadow of great north wall which has about 300 m height . This region ( base camp ) called "Cheshmeh pooneh" and have a spring with a very very cold water that come from melted snow
even in summer !
It needs about 3 hours climbing from Cheshmeh pooneh to the summit from the south face which needs basic techniques of rock climbing ( 5.9 ) . The peak is like a narrow ridg which have just 10 cm width in some points !
Falling stones are the major danger in Molkooh Mt., frome evrey side and face ! You should test each stone and rock which want to catch , hold or step on it ! Wearing helmet is essential and recommended !
You can climb down the summit toward a village in the south of Molkooh Mt. called "Roodmajan" which have a great beautifull 50 m waterfall !
It needs about 6 hours walking from summit to Roodmajan . From there you can go to Torbat-e-Heydariyeh by your waiting rented car or minibus and then come back to mashhad .

This is the map of Molkooh range :

Red Tape

It does not need any red tapes !
No permits required. There are not any use fees or summit fees. There is no any written rules for wildlife conservation or safety (!) but we should do that !!

When To Climb

All of the year it can be climbed , but at the end of spring and first of summer it has a good climate and its view of flowers , grass , rivers and springs is very nice . In winter it will be very snowfull and cold !


There is no huts but you can camping free !

Mountain Conditions

In my web site you can find good information about mountain climbing in Iran and also about this mountain , but most of the information and datas are in farsi language and a few in english language !

Oaj Mountain Climbing Club

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