Mont Blanc du Tacul

Mont Blanc du Tacul (4.248m), right route

A= Pilier du sérac (via Perroux), Jacques Olivier André, Godefroy Perroux and Philippe Pibarot, (Sep 1990). Difficulty IV°/V°+/A2/6A/TD+ Length: 350m.

B= Pilastro di destra (via Damilano), Arnaud Boudet, François Damilano, Jean-Claude Siral and Jean-Luc Vanacher, (Aug 20th, 1990). Difficulty V°+/A0/6A/6B/ED- Length: 350m.

C= Pilastro Hagenmüller-Koenig, Jean-François Hagenmüller and Serge Koenig, (Jul 1979). Difficulty V°+/VI°-/TD+ Length: 350m.

D= Pilier Martinetti, Marc Martinetti and Christian Mollier, (Aug 23th, 1960). Difficulty III°/IV°/V°/V°+/VI°/TD+ Length: 450m.

E= Goulotte Modica-Noury, Gilles Modica and A. Noury, (Jun 23-24th, 1960). Difficulty IV°/ED- Length: 550m.

F= Couloir Gabarrou-Albinoni, J. P. Albinoni and Patrick Gabarrou, (Jul 05th, 1974). Difficulty V°/TD+ Length: 600m.

G= Pillier Cecchinel, Walter Cecchinel and Charles Daubas, (Aug 11th, 1973). Difficulty III°+/IV°+/V°-/TD- Length: 650m.

H= Couloir Griffin, S. Billane and Lindsay Griffin, (Dec 30-31th, 1973 and Jan 01th, 1974). Difficulty IV°/TD Length: 600m.

I= Pilier Coreano, Paul Vance and Jaewonn Yu, (Jun 17th, 1977). Difficulty IV°/V°/V°+/TD Length: 300m.

L= Couloir Jager, P. Barthélémy and Claude Jager, (Jun 12th, 1964). Difficulty D+ Length: 650m.


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