Montón de Trigo via Peña Bercial in winter

Montón de Trigo via Peña Bercial in winter

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On January 7th 2008 I drove to Las Dehesas de Cercedilla, Madrid. There I parked near Chalet de Peñalara road barrier (1405 m). There were many people in Las Dehesas but once I started (1:00 PM) the climb I only found some groups. First I ascended W wards in the pinewood through Poyal de la Garganta. This section was hard and I lost the trail til I reached the forest trail (RV.6) wich joins Colla de Rey and Collado de Marichiva (1749 m). I followed it to the col and took a path to Peña Bercial. At 2:30 PM and 1790 m approximately I stopped (30 min) next to a rocky wall for having lunch. I re-started ascending Peña Bercial (1999 m) S flank. There was few snow that day on the mountains despite winter time. Temperature was high (12ºC maximum) in that first section and a few grades above 0ºC in the end.

Once on Peña Bercial summit (3:40 PM), where I took some photos, I walked and ran to Cerro Minguete (2023 m - 4:00 PM) top through Collado de Peña Bercial (1975 m). Pushed forward on PR.4 to Collado del Minguete (1986 m) and started Montón de Trigo (2155 m) climb. Reached the summit at 4:30 PM, stopped 10 minutes for eating something and taking pics and started the descent on same path to the last col. Then I traversed Cerro Minguete NE face on deep snow heading to Puerto de la Fuenfría (1796 m - 5:30 PM). Took Camino de los Cospes to Fuen Fría, where I filled my canteen of fresh water, returned to Puerto de la Fuenfría and descended along Calzada Romana to Chalet de Peñalara. Finally I walked on the closed road to the barrier (6:30 PM). It has been a nice day on Valle de la Fuenfría mountains. I had benefited from my solo climb in that beautiful pinewood. There was a sea of clouds wich only left highest peaks of Sierra de Guadarrama above it. So I also enjoyed taking photos.

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Cerro Minguete (2.023 m.) y Montón de Trigo (2.154 m).


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