Mont Velan

Mont Velan

Panorama from Incliousa Lake (2.420m).

In foreground to the left or East: initial part of West-northwest Ridge of Monte Berrio (3.075/77m) with its two small pyramids (2.604m, the first or lower) above Col Cornet (2.354/5m). In background: from the left or South the watershed between Conca de By Menouve Molline Valleys up to the Quota 3.650 meters nearby Vélan's Horns (3.620m, the first or higher also Western Horn); from these ad in East the Italian/Swiss border reaching the Aiguilles des Luisettes de Valsorey (3.226m, the highest and snowy in the right margin).

Antonio Giani
on Feb 16, 2020 12:36 am
Image Type(s): Panorama
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