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Montana Ranges
Created On: Sep 18, 2008
Last Edited On: Nov 18, 2014

Mountain Ranges of Montana - List

The information contained within this Summit Post page was created by Montana State Library and is being reproduced here under the auspices of public domain.  See Montana‚Äôs Tallest Peaks by Mountain Range. Names shown in quotes are not officially recognized by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names.

Montana Ranges
A shaded relief map of Montana's mountain ranges.

Absaroka Range
Adel Mountains
Anaconda Range
Apgar Mountains
Bangtail Range
Bearpaw Mountains
Beartooth Mountains
Beaverhead Mountains
Bighorn Mountains
Bitterroot Mountains
Big Belt Mountains
Big Sheep Mountains
Big Snowy Mountains
Blacktail Mountains
Boulder Mountains
Bridger Range
Bull Mountains
Cabinet Mountains
Castle Mountains
Centennial Mountains
Chalk Buttes
Coeur d'Alene Mountains
Crazy Mountains
East Pioneer Mountains
Elkhorn Mountains
Flathead Range
Flint Creek Range
Gallatin Range
Garnet Range
Gravelly Range
Greenhorn Range
Henrys Lake Mountains
Highland Mountains
Highwood Mountains
Horseshoe Hills
John Long Mountains
Judith Mountains
Lewis Range
Lewis and Clark Range
Little Belt Mountains
Little Rocky Mountains
Little Snowy Mountains
Livingston Range
London Hills
Madison Range
Mission Mountains
Nevada Mountains
Ninemile Divide
North Moccasin Mountains
Pryor Mountains
Purcell Mountains
Rattlesnake Mountains
Reservation Divide
Ruby Range
Salish Mountains
Sapphire Range
Sawtooth Range
Snowcrest Range
South Moccasin Mountains
Swan Range
Sweetgrass Hills
Tobacco Root Mountains
Tendoy Mountains
West Pioneer Mountains
Whitefish Range
Wolf Mountains

Montana's Tallest Peaks by Mountain Range

Please notice that this is NOT a list of the tallest mountains in Montana but rather the tallest peaks in each respective range. The 41 tallest named peaks in Montana are all located in the Beartooth Range, and there are more than 240 named peaks whose elevations are over 10,000 feet. A list of Montana's 300 tallest named peaks is located in a table lower down on this page.

Absaroka RangeMount Cowen11212Park
Black Mountain10941Park
Emigrant Peak10921Park
The Needles10905Park
"Adel Mountains"Adel Mountain7093Lewis and Clark
Anaconda RangeWest Goat Peak10793Deer Lodge
Mount Evans10641Deer Lodge
Mount Haggin10607Deer Lodge
"Bangtail Range"Un-named peak7982Gallatin
Bears Paw MountainsBaldy Mountain6916Hill
Wellen Peak6362Hill
Little Joe Peak6321Hill
Beartooth MountainsGranite Peak12799Park
Mount Wood12649Stillwater
Castle Mountain12612Carbon
Whitetail Peak12551Carbon
Castle Rock Spire12540Carbon
Silver Run Peak12500Carbon
Beaverhead MountainsEighteenmile Peak11125Beaverhead
Italian Peak10996Beaverhead
Garfield Mountain10961Beaverhead
Big Belt MountainsMount Edith9507Broadwater
Mount Baldy9472Broadwater
Big Sheep MountainsBig Sheep Mountain3590Prairie
Little Sheep Mountain3517Prairie
Big Snowy MountainsGreathouse Peak8681Fergus
Old Baldy8678Fergus
Knife Blade Ridge8590Fergus
Bighorn MountainsUn-named peak9257Big Horn
Bitterroot MountainsTrapper Peak10157Ravalli
El Capitan9983Ravalli
Un-named peak9883Ravalli
Boulder Peak9804Ravalli
Blacktail MountainsUn-named peak9477Beaverhead
Un-named peak9247Beaverhead
Boulder MountainsHaystack Mountain8819Jefferson
Jack Mountain8752Jefferson
Un-named Peak8693Jefferson
Bridger RangeSacagawea Peak9650Gallatin
Naya Nuki Peak9581Gallatin
Hardscrabble Peak9575Gallatin
Bull MountainsDunn Mountain4744Yellowstone
Cabinet MountainsSnowshoe Peak8738Lincoln
A Peak8634Lincoln
Bockman Peak8174Lincoln
Castle MountainsElk Peak8566Meagher
Wapiti Peak8552Meagher
Willow Peak8361Meagher
Centennial MountainsMount Jefferson10203Beaverhead
Baldy Mountain9880Beaverhead
Taylor Mountain9855Beaverhead
Chalk ButtesUn-named Peak4210Carter
Couer d'Alene MountainsCherry Peak7352Sanders
Penrose Peak7232Sanders
Un-named Peak7189Sanders
Crazy MountainsCrazy Peak11209Sweet Grass
Iddings Peak10936Park
Un-named Peak10840Park
"East" Pioneer MountainsTweedy Mountain11154Beaverhead
Torrey Mountain11147Beaverhead
Granite Mountain10633Beaverhead
Elkhorn MountainsCrow Peak9415Jefferson
Elkhorn Peak9410Jefferson
Windy Point9016Jefferson
Flathead RangeGreat Northern Mountain8705Flathead
Mount Grant8590Flathead
Mount Baptiste8396Flathead
Flint Creek RangeMount Powell10168Powell
Un-named Peak9779Powell
Deer Lodge Mountain9765Powell
Gallatin RangeElectric Peak10969Park
Mount Bole10333Gallatin
Mount Chisholm10333Gallatin
Hyalite Peak10298Gallatin
Galton RangePoorman Mountain7832Lincoln
Green Mountain7822Lincoln
Garnet RangeOld Baldy Mountain7511Powell
Devil Mountain7438Powell
Hoodoo Mountain7210Powell
Gravelly RangeBlack Butte10542Madison
Big Horn Mountain10275Madison
Lion Mountain10161Madison
Henrys Lake MountainsUn-named Peak10606Madison
Highland MountainsTable Mountain10223Madison
Un-named peak10136Madison
Red Mountain10070Silver Bow
Highwood MountainsHighwood Baldy7670Chouteau
Arrow Peak7485Chouteau
Un-named peak7162Judith Basin
John Long MountainsButte Cabin Ridge8468Granite
Quigg Peak8419Granite
Hogback Ridge8322Granite
Judith MountainsJudith Peak6428Fergus
Red Mountain6180Fergus
Crystal Peak6147Fergus
Collar Peak6127Fergus
Pyramid Peak6127Fergus
Lewis RangeMount Cleveland10466Glacier
Mount Stimson10142Flathead
Mount Jackson10052Flathead
Mount Siyeh10014Glacier
Mount Merritt10004Glacier
Lewis and Clark RangeRed Mountain9411Lewis and Clark
Scapegoat Mountain9202Lewis and Clark
Flint Mountain9079Lewis and Clark
Little Belt MountainsBig Baldy Mountain9175Judith Basin
Yogo Peak8801Judith Basin
Long Mountain8621Cascade
Little Rocky MountainsAntoine Butte5743Phillips
Old Scraggy Peak5708Phillips
Shell Butte5692Phillips
Little Snowy MountainsUn-named peak6260Golden Valley
Livingston RangeKintla Peak10101Flathead
Kinnnerly Peak9944Flathead
Rainbow Peak9891Flathead
Long PinesTri-Point Lookout4120Carter
Blocker Field4105Carter
Un-named peak4090Carter
Madison RangeHilgard Peak11297Madison
Koch Peak11293Madison
Echo Peak11260Madison
Mission RangeMcDonald Peak9820Lake
West McDonald Peak9448Lake
East Saint Marys Peak9425Lake
"Nevada Mountains"Black Mountain8330Lewis and Clark
Nevada Mountain8293Powell
Ninemile DivideStark Mountain7352Mineral
Lookout Mountain7099Mineral
North Moccasin MountainsUn-named peak5602Fergus
Pryor MountainsBig Pryor Mountain8786Carbon
East Pryor Mountain8776Carbon
Purcell MountainsNorthwest Peak7705Lincoln
Davis Mountain7583Lincoln
Robinson Mountain7539Lincoln
"Rattlesnake Mountains"McLeod Peak8620Missoula
Reservation DivideCh-paaa-qn Peak7996Missoula
Three Lakes Peak7792Sanders
Blackrock Peak7628Sanders
Ruby RangeUn-named Peak9391Madison
Salish MountainsMcGuire Mountain6991Lincoln
Sutton Mountain6872Lincoln
Blacktail Mountain6757Flathead
Sapphire MountainsKent Peak9010Ravalli
Congdon Peak8884Granite
Un-named peak8862Granite
Sawtooth RangeRocky Mountain9392Teton
Old Baldy9156Teton
Mount Wright8875Teton
Snowcrest RangeSunset Peak10581Madison
Hogback Mountain10572Madison
Olson Peak10482Madison
South Moccasin MountainsUn-named peak5798Fergus
Swan RangeHolland Peak9356Missoula
Swan Peak9289Lake
Sweet Grass HillsWest Butte6983Toole
Mount Brown6958Liberty
Mount Royal6914Liberty
Tendoy MountainsEllis Peak9699Beaverhead
Dixon Mountain9674Beaverhead
Sourdough Peak/Grassy Top9571Beaverhead
Tobacco Root MountainsHollowtop Mountain10604Madison
Granite Peak10590Madison
Un-named peak10574Madison
"West" Pioneer MountainsStine Mountain9490Beaverhead
Odell Mountain9405Beaverhead
Round Top Mountain9345Beaverhead
Whitefish RangeNasukoin Mountain8086Flathead
Un-named peak7849Flathead
Mount Thompson-Seton7820Flathead
Wolf MountainsUn-named peak5450Big Horn

Montana's 300 Tallest Peaks

These are the 300 tallest named peaks in Montana. The list of peaks was derived from the U.S. Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System (, and their elevations are the elevations shown on USGS 1:24,000 scale topographic maps.

Name Rank Elevation County Mountain Range
Granite Peak 1 12,799 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Wood 2 12,649 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Castle Mountain 3 12,612 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Whitetail Peak 4 12,551 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Castle Rock Spire 5 12,540 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Silver Run Peak 6 12,500 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Tempest Mountain 7 12,469 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Peal 8 12,409 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Castle Rock Mountain 9 12,408 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Beartooth Mountain 10 12,351 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Glacier Peak 10 12,351 Park Beartooth Mountains
Bowback Mountain 10 12,351 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Villard 13 12,345 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Hague 14 12,323 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Spirit Mountain 15 12,283 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Sundance Mountain 16 12,262 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Elk Mountain 17 12,256 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Cairn Mountain 18 12,220 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Rearguard 19 12,204 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Pyramid Mountain 20 12,119 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Snowbank Mountain 21 12,084 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mystic Mountain 22 12,063 Park Beartooth Mountains
Sylvan Peak 23 11,935 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Inabnit 24 11,928 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Wilse 25 11,831 Park Beartooth Mountains
Wolf Mountain 26 11,816 Park Beartooth Mountains
Twin Peaks 27 11,793 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Froze-to-Death Mountain 28 11,765 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Little Park Mountain 29 11,760 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Medicine Mountain 30 11,726 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Summit Mountain 31 11,704 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Lockhart 32 11,647 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Iceberg Peak 33 11,552 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Zimmer 34 11,550 Park Beartooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountain 35 11,488 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Hole-in-the-Wall 36 11,478 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Thunder Mountain 37 11,441 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Mount Dewey 38 11,436 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Lonesome Mountain 39 11,399 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Big Mountain 40 11,371 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Tumble Mountain 41 11,314 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Hilgard Peak 42 11,297 Madison Madison Range
Koch Peak 43 11,293 Madison Madison Range
Mount Douglas 44 11,282 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Echo Peak 45 11,250 Madison Madison Range
Mount Fox 46 11,245 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Cowen 47 11,212 Park Absaroka Range
Crazy Peak 48 11,209 Sweet Grass Crazy Mountains
Imp Peak 49 11,202 Madison Madison Range
Two Sisters 50 11,190 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Mount Rosebud 51 11,163 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Lone Mountain 52 11,162 Madison Madison Range
Tweedy Mountain 53 11,154 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Torrey Mountain 54 11,147 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Chalice Peak 55 11,146 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Eighteenmile Peak 56 11,125 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Hodges Mountain 57 11,087 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Snowy Peak 58 11,070 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Grass Mountain 59 11,052 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Cottonwood Mountain 60 11,024 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Gallatin Peak 61 11,015 Madison Madison Range
Pika Peak 62 11,000 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Italian Peak 63 10,996 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Monument Peak 64 10,995 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Dutchman Peak 65 10,991 Madison Madison Range
Shepard Mountain 66 10,990 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Electric Peak 67 10,969 Park Gallatin Range
Garfield Mountain 68 10,961 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Black Mountain 69 10,941 Park Absaroka Range
Iddings Peak 70 10,936 Park Crazy Mountains
Emigrant Peak 71 10,921 Park Absaroka Range
The Needles 72 10,905 Park Absaroka Range
Saddleback Mountain 73 10,876 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Sphinx Mountain 73 10,876 Madison Madison Range
Sentinel Peak 75 10,874 Madison Madison Range
No Man Peak 76 10,848 Madison Madison Range
Big Timber Peak 77 10,795 Sweet Grass Crazy Mountains
West Goat Peak 78 10,793 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Cedar Mountain 79 10,766 Madison Madison Range
Lake Mountain 80 10,762 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Conical Peak 81 10,748 Park Crazy Mountains
Courthouse Mountain 82 10,740 Park Beartooth Mountains
Storm Mountain 82 10,740 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Finger Mountain 84 10,738 Madison Madison Range
The Pyramid 85 10,730 Park Absaroka Range
Crow Mountain 86 10,727 Park Absaroka Range
Lima Peaks 87 10,706 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Wilson Peak 88 10,705 Gallatin Madison Range
Mount Wallace 89 10,697 Park Absaroka Range
Cutoff Mountain 90 10,695 Park Absaroka Range
Woodward Mountain 91 10,659 Madison Madison Range
Pinnacle Mountain 92 10,655 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Sage Peak 93 10,653 Gallatin Madison Range
Mount Evans 94 10,641 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Pyramid Point 94 10,641 Madison Madison Range
Granite Mountain 96 10,633 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Marten Peak 97 10,628 Park Absaroka Range
Homer Youngs Peak 98 10,621 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Boulder Mountain 99 10,620 Park Absaroka Range
Sheep Mountain 100 10,616 Park Beartooth Mountains
Cathedral Peak 101 10,608 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Mount Haggin 102 10,607 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Hollowtop Mountain 103 10,604 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Granite Peak 104 10,590 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Sunset Peak 105 10,581 Madison Snowcrest Range
Prairieview Mountain 106 10,575 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Hogback Mountain 107 10,572 Madison Snowcrest Range
Baldy Mountain 108 10,568 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Alturas Number Two Mountain 109 10,550 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Sheep Mountain 110 10,547 Park Absaroka Range
Black Butte 111 10,542 Madison Gravelly Range
Mount Jefferson 112 10,513 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Mineral Mountain 113 10,502 Park Absaroka Range
Meridan Peak 114 10,500 Park Absaroka Range
Barb Mountain 115 10,497 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Wolverine Peak 116 10,490 Park Absaroka Range
Iron Mountain 117 10,486 Park Absaroka Range
Miller Mountain 118 10,484 Park Absaroka Range
Olson Peak 119 10,482 Madison Snowcrest Range
Mount Tahepia 120 10,473 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Mount Howe 121 10,472 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Mount Alverson 122 10,467 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Mount Cleveland 123 10,466 Glacier Lewis Range
Warren Peak 124 10,463 Granite Anaconda Range
Lakeshore Mountain 125 10,457 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Branham Peaks 126 10,450 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Haystack Peak 127 10,446 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Middle Ridge 128 10,443 Park Absaroka Range
Sliderock Mountain 129 10,439 Madison Snowcrest Range
Highboy Mountain 130 10,431 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Monitor Peak 131 10,429 Park Absaroka Range
Mount Jackson 132 10,424 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Spuhler Peak 133 10,421 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Black Lion Mountain 134 10,419 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Mosquito Peak 135 10,417 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Jumbo Mountain 136 10,412 Gallatin Madison Range
Squaw Mountain 137 10,404 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Lonesome Peak 138 10,401 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
A P A Mountain 139 10,400 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
East Goat Peak 140 10,399 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Noble Peak 141 10,396 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Thompson Peak 142 10,386 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Blaze Mountain 143 10,384 Madison Madison Range
Redstreak Peak 143 10,384 Gallatin Madison Range
Scotch Bonnet Mountain 145 10,382 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Bradley 146 10,367 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Center Mountain 147 10,362 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
White Peak 148 10,355 Gallatin Madison Range
Middle Mountain 149 10,353 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Mineral Mountain 150 10,350 Park Absaroka Range
Henderson Mountain 151 10,338 Park Beartooth Mountains
Mount Bole 152 10,333 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Mount Chisholm 152 10,333 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Monument Peak 154 10,323 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Sheep Mountain 155 10,321 Madison Henrys Lake Mountains
Little Granite Peak 156 10,318 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Mount McKnight 157 10,310 Park Absaroka Range
Fan Mountain 158 10,307 Madison Madison Range
Timberline Mountain 159 10,300 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Hyalite Peak 160 10,298 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Short Peak 160 10,298 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Ramshorn Peak 162 10,296 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Chimney Rock 163 10,290 Park Beartooth Mountains
Sheepherder Peak 164 10,283 Park Absaroka Range
Big Horn Mountain 165 10,275 Madison Gravelly Range
Overlook Mountain 166 10,265 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Wildcat Mountain 167 10,250 Stillwater Beartooth Mountains
Antone Peak 168 10,247 Beaverhead Snowcrest Range
Baboon Mountain 169 10,246 Park Beartooth Mountains
Ash Mountain 170 10,243 Park Absaroka Range
Fisher Mountain 171 10,237 Park Beartooth Mountains
Fish Peak 172 10,233 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Maiden Peak 173 10,227 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Table Mountain 174 10,223 Madison Highland Mountains
Horse Mountain 175 10,222 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Breakneck Mountain 176 10,220 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Ward Peak 176 10,220 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Lady of the Lake Peak 178 10,218 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Nutters Cathedral Peak 179 10,217 Madison Madison Range
Leggat Mountain 180 10,216 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Comet Mountain 181 10,212 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Roundhead Butte 181 10,212 Park Absaroka Range
Crown Butte 183 10,208 Park Absaroka Range
Sunset Peak 184 10,204 Park Absaroka Range
Mount Jefferson 185 10,203 Beaverhead Centennial Mountains
Ramshorn Mountain 186 10,195 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Sunrise Peak 186 10,195 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Chico Peak 186 10,195 Park Absaroka Range
Elk Mountain 189 10,194 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Tent Mountain 190 10,193 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Twin Peaks 191 10,181 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Bald Peak 192 10,180 Gallatin Henrys Lake Mountains
Butcher Mountain 193 10,179 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Long Mountain 194 10,178 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Dexter Point 195 10,174 Park Absaroka Range
Mount Powell 196 10,168 Powell Flint Creek Range
Fairview Peak 197 10,164 Sweet Grass Crazy Mountains
Republic Mountain 198 10,162 Park Absaroka Range
Lion Mountain 199 10,161 Madison Gravelly Range
Trapper Peak 200 10,157 Ravalli Bitterroot Mountains
Jordan Mountain 201 10,155 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Mount Blackmore 202 10,154 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Alturas Number One Mountain 203 10,153 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Fridley Peak 204 10,150 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Hawley Mountain 204 10,150 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Queener Mountain 206 10,149 Deer Lodge Anaconda Range
Chrome Mountain 207 10,148 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Horseshoe Mountain 208 10,144 Park Beartooth Mountains
Sharp Mountain 208 10,144 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Mount Stimson 210 10,142 Flathead Lewis Range
Mount Delano 211 10,138 Park Absaroka Range
Bald Knob 212 10,134 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Cloudrest Peak 212 10,134 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Granite Peak 214 10,132 Park Crazy Mountains
Potosi Peak 215 10,128 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Sawtooth Mountain 216 10,127 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Crazy Mountain 217 10,120 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Saddleback Mountain 218 10,118 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Mount Abundance 219 10,116 Park Absaroka Range
Iron Mountain 220 10,106 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Red Conglomerate Peaks 220 10,106 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
South Baldy Mountain 222 10,105 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Kintla Peak 223 10,101 Flathead Livingston Range
Sawtooth Mountain 224 10,090 Beaverhead Snowcrest Range
Sunlight Peak 224 10,090 Park Crazy Mountains
Elephant Mountain 226 10,085 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Belle Point 227 10,084 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Porphyry Mountain 228 10,081 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Spur Mountain 229 10,076 Madison Snowcrest Range
Stonehouse Mountain 230 10,075 Madison Snowcrest Range
Oxide Mountain 231 10,072 Park Beartooth Mountains
Monument Mountain 232 10,069 Gallatin Madison Range
Contact Mountain 233 10,056 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Mount Jackson 234 10,052 Flathead Lewis Range
Divide Peak 235 10,041 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Red Mountain 236 10,039 Madison Highland Mountains
Alex Lowe Peak 237 10,031 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Snowslide Mountain 238 10,030 Gallatin Madison Range
Steamboat Mountain 238 10,030 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Ajax Peak 240 10,028 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Hummingbird Peak 241 10,018 Park Absaroka Range
Mount Siyeh 242 10,014 Glacier Lewis Range
Picket Pin Mountain 243 10,007 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Mount Merritt 244 10,004 Glacier Lewis Range
Red Mountain 245 9,986 Gallatin Madison Range
El Capitan 246 9,983 Ravalli Bitterroot Mountains
Eaglehead Mountain 247 9,979 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Coffin Mountain 248 9,971 Gallatin Henrys Lake Mountains
Independence Peak 249 9,968 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Manhead Mountain 250 9,966 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Flanders Mountain 251 9,961 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Kurt Peak 251 9,961 Granite Anaconda Range
Barbour Hill 253 9,950 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
The Sentinel 254 9,945 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Kinnerly Peak 255 9,944 Flathead Livingston Range
Hicks Peak 256 9,942 Sweet Grass Beartooth Mountains
Shedhorn Mountain 257 9,937 Madison Madison Range
Cave Mountain 258 9,932 Madison Gravelly Range
Big Horn Peak 259 9,930 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Bare Mountain 260 9,918 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
East Peak 261 9,907 Silver Bow Highland Mountains
Flatiron Mountain 262 9,901 Madison Gravelly Range
Old Baldy Mountain 262 9,901 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Lookout Mountain 264 9,892 Park Absaroka Range
Rainbow Peak 265 9,891 Flathead Livingston Range
Sheep Mountain 266 9,886 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Mount Chipperfield 267 9,880 Gallatin Madison Range
Baldy Mountain 267 9,880 Beaverhead Centennial Mountains
Palace Butte 269 9,868 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Tolman Mountain 270 9,867 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Sheriff Mountain 271 9,864 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Pioneer Mountain 272 9,859 Madison Madison Range
Taylor Mountain 273 9,855 Beaverhead Centennial Mountains
Sheep Mountain 273 9,855 Park Gallatin Range
Table Mountain 275 9,851 Gallatin Madison Range
Mount Tiny 276 9,848 Granite Anaconda Range
Mount Carter 277 9,843 Flathead Livingston Range
Cracker 278 9,833 Glacier Lewis Range
McDonald Peak 279 9,820 Lake Mission Mountains
Alp Rock 280 9,818 Park Beartooth Mountains
Bloody Dick Peak 281 9,817 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Slide Mountain 282 9,805 Beaverhead Centennial Mountains
Boulder Peak 283 9,804 Ravalli Bitterroot Mountains
Keokirk Mountain 284 9,801 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
North Trapper Peak 284 9,801 Ravalli Bitterroot Mountains
Long Knife Peak 286 9,784 Flathead Livingston Range
Fortress Mountain 287 9,771 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Deer Lodge Mountain 288 9,765 Powell Flint Creek Range
Specimen Butte 289 9,764 Madison Gravelly Range
Knob Mountain 290 9,762 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Maurice Mountain 291 9,760 Beaverhead East Pioneer Mountains
Horse Mountain 292 9,730 Park Absaroka Range
Jumbo Mountain 293 9,723 Beaverhead Beaverhead Mountains
Mine Peak 294 9,709 Madison Tobacco Root Mountains
Crow Mountain 295 9,706 Carbon Beartooth Mountains
Marmot Mountain 296 9,705 Madison Gravelly Range
Packsaddle Peak 297 9,704 Gallatin Gallatin Range
Middle Mountain 298 9,703 Park Beartooth Mountains
Ellis Peak 299 9,699 Beaverhead Tendoy Mountains
Sheep Mountain 300 9,688 Beaverhead Centennial Mountains

Mountain Ranges of Montana

Names shown in quotation are not officially recognized by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names (BGN).The Pioneer Mountains are an officially recognized name, but the separate East and West ranges are not.Most ranges do not have officially designated boundaries. This map was originally prepared by Ed Madej atthe Montana State Library in 2000, revised by Cedron Jones of the Montana Wilderness Association in 2007,and revised again in 2013 by the State Library to conform with the records of the BGN.

Montana Ranges

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FlatheadNative - Jun 9, 2009 6:56 pm - Voted 10/10

Hey Sam

please add a link to the Whitefish range to your page

sschombel - Jul 8, 2009 11:08 pm - Hasn't voted

Chalk Buttes

Hi Sam, great page.
There is an area in far southeastern Montana called the Chalk Buttes. they are west of the Long Pines-Tri Point Lookout on your list. In his "Climbers Guide" Pat Caffrey said the high point was 4215'. There is a butte on the USGS topo higher than 4200', located at degree N 45.70862, W 104.73420, making it the highest point in this range.


samh - Nov 18, 2014 1:24 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Chalk Buttes

sschombel - I originally based this information off official Montana State Library data. It may please you to know they have updated the original information based on your suggestions and I have updated this page with the same information accordingly.

sschombel - Jul 8, 2009 11:16 pm - Hasn't voted

Little Snowies

There is an unnamed point of 6378' at degree N 46.78785, W 109.19898. It is east of Red Hill Road but N of the South Fork of Flatwillow Creek. There is another point of 6270' at N 46.74037, W 109.18650 which almost has the name "Little Snowies" printed on it on the USGS Quad. If it is considered part of the Little Snowies then I believe the one above also should be. There is no distinct geographical separation between the Big and Little Snowies, but they are old traditional names.

sschombel - Jul 8, 2009 11:19 pm - Hasn't voted

other ranges

I believe that the Scotchman Peaks, mainly in Idaho but who do spill over into NW Montana, are a separate range and not part of the Cabinets. I also feel that the Lima Peaks are as distinct from the Beaverheads as the Tendoy Mountains are. I'm very interested to see if anyone has similar opinions or objections. Steve Schombel


samh - Nov 18, 2014 1:02 pm - Hasn't voted

2014 Edits

I have edited the page to adjust for changes to the original source of information thanks to Gerry Daumiller of the Montana State Library.

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Montana Ranges

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