Monte Gavardina

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 45.96946°N / 10.75128°E
County: Trentino
Activities: Mountaineering
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Elevation: 6716 ft / 2047 m


Monte Gavardina 2047 m

Monte Gavardina 2047 m belonging to Prealpi Bresciane e Gardesane, subgroup Alpi di Ledro - also called Gaverdina and Cima Polester - is not a particularly flashy summit, but an important orographic junction, where Monte Altissimo high ridges from North join the Pichea ridge coming from South-East and Cadria ridges coming from South-West.
The normal route of ascent to the top is a beautiful hike in the lonely setting of Val Concei.
Like most of the peaks in the Alpi di Ledro, scenery of long fighting during the WWI, for the reason of being located close to the borders between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, on Gavardina and surroundings there are numerous remains of fortifications, in this case built by the Austrian troops, because the mountain was situated in the territories of the empire.

Gavardina-Dosso della Torta ridge from Corni di Pichea
Gavardina-Dosso della Torta ridge from Corni di Pichea

Due to the altitude and the location, the summit offers a wide panorama over Carè Alto, Presanella and Brenta Dolomites.

Getting There

The starting point to climb Gavardina Normal route is Rifugio "Al Faggio" 963 m.

Access: from the Brennero autoroute exit Rovereto Sud and take the road to Riva del Garda. From here follow the road to Val di Ledro; after the tuunel the road enters the valley, skirting the Lago di Ledro. Reach Pieve di Ledro, located at the end of the lake, continue to Bezzecca and just before the village on the right there's is a junction signposted Val Concei. Leave the main road and turn to right to Val Concei, following the road up to its end, where we leave the car at the characteristic Rifugio "Al Faggio" 963 m.

Route: Monte Gavardina from Rifugio Al Faggio

Summit of Gavardina in the fog
Summit of Gavardina in the fog

Gavardina Normal route from Rifugio "Al Faggio"

Summit quote: 2047 m
Difficulty: EE
Difference in level: 750 m from Pregasina
Exposition: North, NE, West
Time required: 4 hours to Cima Al Bal reversing the same route, 6 hours round trip
Starting point: Rifugio Al Faggio m 963

From Rifugio Al Faggio follow the track SAT 414 along the Lomar Valley, crossing soon the Glera Bridge over the Assat stream and ending at 1120 m, where it becomes a path that follows the river. Then you enter into a rocky ravine and walk up the "Scale del Guì". After about 1 hour from the start, the path gets Malga Guì m. 1444, from which it continues on the left of the alp in the wood, reaching the meadows of the pass named Sella del Dos de Lomar 1.597 m. The pass in question allows you to look westward observing for the first time the highest peak of the Ledro Alps: Monte Cadria.
After crossing the lawn we get an important signposted junction. Ignore the path 452 that would lead to Baita Lomar and turn instead to the right (NE), keeping the 414 trail and following the clear signposts to Bocca dell'Ussol.

Now the itinerary enters the wood again for a short distance, then exits onto the open ground on a scenic trail, that follows the NE direction, crossing the hillside along Corno del Guì. In the distance it appears a series of rocky pinnacles overlooking our route from the left, on one of which it's located a cross. Towards right it appears a long ridge reaching es its highlights in the summits of Tofino and Corni di Pichea. Two options can be chosen to get the col, because the two paths are rejoining just above. The last part of the path, skirting some cliffs, is definitely steepening, getting the Bocca dell'Ussol 1895 m, a narrow rocky notch between Corno del Guì and Gavardina (1 hours from Sella di Lomar, 2.45 hours from the start). From this point it's worthwhile to do a short detour to the left, to climb up towards Dente dell'Ussol 1940 m. and observe the WWI reamains just seen in the distance and visit the Chiesetta della Pace, built using the remains of the military post. We reverse the short variant, getting again the col and turn to right (signposts Gavardina). We face now the highlight of the itinerary: the beautiful ridge rising Eastward from Bocca dell'Ussol, in the direction of Gavardina and Dosso della Torta. The path 455 follows mostly the ridge overlooking both sides. Along the ridge we can see other WWI remains.

After overcoming a short rocky gap, we walk up a steep stretch of the ridge getting a prominence of the ridge with as scenic cairn. We notice, at a short distance, the summit of Gavardina. To reach the summit lose altitude for a few minutes, then up to a saddle and along the well worn path which gains the summit (0.30 hours from Bocca dell'Ussol, 3.30 hours from the start). Wide views to Monte Cadria, Adamello Group and also Brenta Dolomites, with the summit plateau of Cima Tosa.

Descent - Reverse the same route as far as Sella di Lomar. Once at Sella di Lomar, it's possible the chose the other trail to descend to Rifugio Al Faggio along a different itinerary.

Red Tape

No permits, no fees required.

When to Climb

Best seasons are Spring, Summer and Autumn. In wintertime only in absence of snow and ice.


- Rifugio "Al Faggio"

Otherwise there are wide possibilities of accomodation in Val di Ledro



Gavardina map


"Prealpi Bresciane" by Fausto Camerini - Collana Guide dei Monti d'Italia, CAI-TCI


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LAGIRALPINA sheet 016 - Alpi di Ledro - Tremalzo 1:25.000

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