Monte Zeda and peaks surrounding the Val Pogallo basin

Peaks surrounding the Val Pogallo basin, as seen from Campo dei Fiori (Varese, Italy). On the center-right, in the foreground, the highest snowy mountain is Monte Zeda (8)(2156m). From the top, to the right the east ridge kindly reaches Monte Vadà (9)(1614m) whereas to the left the south ridge first meets Pizzo Marona (10)(2051m), then Cima Cugnacorta (11)(1894m), I Balmil (12)(1667m) and Il Pizzo (13)(1644m).
In the background, on the other side (west) of the basin, is visible the ridge where the Bove path passes by. From left: Cima Sasso (0)(1916m), Pedum (1)(2111m), Bocchetta di Campo [Bivouac](2)(1996m), Cima di Campo (3)(~2100m), Cima Binà (4)(2181m), Bocchetta Scaredi (5)(2095m), Cima della Laurasca (6)(2195m) and Cima di Cortechiuso (7)(2183m); Cima Marsicce is not visible, laying just behind Mt. Zeda.


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