Monti Foscagno e Forcellina

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Sondrio, Italy, Europe
Alta Valtellina
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Monti Foscagno e Forcellina
Created On: Apr 5, 2012
Last Edited On: Mar 30, 2013


Monti Foscagno e Forcellina seen from Pizzo Filone

Located at the junction of the valleys “Vallaccia”, “Vallaccia Corta” and “Val Viola”; they are part of the same mountain with two different peaks 300m distant from each other: "Monte Forcellina" 3087m and "Monte Foscagno" 3058m.

"Monte Foscagno", lower but more geographically inportant, outstands like a rocky pyramid and it’s composed of two symmetrical shoulders that make it unique. It dominates the "Vallaccia Corta".

The "Monte Forcellina", higher but less flashy, has an interesting snowy slope (in winter) on the NE side, suitable for skitouring and provides a broader view also towards the north. Very nice the view to the summits of Val Viola.

Getting There

Monti Foscagno e Forcellina
Monti Foscagno e Forcellina seen from Monte Rocca

They are placed in the nearby of the "Passo del Foscagno" 2291m, open permanently. It connects by the road n.301, the valley of Livigno and the Valdidentro/Bormio.

By Bus:
From Switzerland: Line Zernez-Livigno Silvestri Bus
From Italy: Line Bormio-Livigno Bus Perego or APT Livigno

By Car:
From Switzerland: St.Moritz-Livigno Tunnel "Munt la Schera"
or Tirano/St.Moritz - LIvigno - Passo della Forcola (open only in summer)
From Italy: Milano-Sondrio-Tirano-Bormio SP38 - Passo del Foscagno - Livigno SP301

The ski route

The route

For who came from Bormio, between the second and the third tunnel after the village of Arnoga around the altitude of 2100m; leave the car in a very small carpark located within a narrow curve on your right side.

An attractive valley called "Vallacia Corta" will be visible on your left with the imposing "Monte del Foscagno" at the and of it.
Go across the valley keeping the left side (more shade), pointing the saddle placed on the right of Monte del Foscagno on increasingly steep slopes, to deal only when the snow is stable.

When the saddle has been reached around the altitude of 2950m:

For the Monte del Foscagno, follow the rocky ridge on your the left with the difficulty of II° (beware!) (BSA+ S4).

For the Monte Forcellina, follow the ridge on your right, snowy in the begin and then with easy passages of rock climb until the summit.
From here, you may choose to go down along the same ascent route, or continue along the snowy ridge, till the “Passo della Foppa” 2951m and than down from here. Steep slopes up to 40°/45° (BSA S4).

Both mountains can be climbed also from the “Vallaccia” (next to the village of Trepalle), but the approach will be even longer.

The approach from the Val Viola, due to the south exposure, has usually bad snow conditions and also very steep snowy flanks.

Monte del Foscagno offers also an interesting rock climb route along the north spur:
"Eraldo Meraldi" - 24/07/1994 - 150m - III°/IV°

Video of the ski route made in march 2012

Monti Foscagno e Forcellina

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