Mount Baldy, Indiana

With Mount Tom, Mount Baldy is one of the two summits of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, in Indiana along the shores of Lake Michigan. It's a grand total of 126 feet above Lake Michigan.

Mount Baldy is moving inland at a rate of about four feet a year. This movement has obliterated the short, southern route to the summit. The southern route is now unsafe for all techniques (you can't place pro in a sand dune, folks).

There's a west route that's an easy Class 1 walkup, and you emerge behind the dune in this picture. With a boat, you can also anchor, wade ashore, and summit the north face shown here. Since there's no marked trail, I suppose it might be an easy Class 2 walkup.

On a windy day, paragliding is a popular means of descent.

Photo taken September 2007.


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