Mount Dellenbaugh safari

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Arizona, United States, North America
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Oct 14, 2013
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Created On: Oct 20, 2013
Last Edited On: Nov 6, 2013

Under development

This will need to sit on the backburner until I get my 2013 in Nevada trip report done. Scott Surgent has now put up a summitpost page for this peak and he has done a great job.

Middle of nowhere mountain

Dennis and I were on a trip to bag p2k's in Nevada but after we did Arrow Canyon Peak and had a day to spare before Jumbo peak, our attention turned to the Arizona Strip where Mt. Trumbull and this peak were located. I had already done Mt. Trumbull but I made the drive back there a second time. To rest my legs a bit after the previous 3 days efforts, Dennis went up and bagged Trumbull while I relaxed at the trucks. Dennis made short work of the 5 mile trip to the summit and back and now we turned our attention to the most remote peak we knew that had some decent prominence, Mt. Dellenbaugh.

From the road that headed back to St. George, we found the connector we wanted and I was a little stunned to see the sign that stated Mt. Dellenbaugh, 42 miles. Yikes. That meant we'd add another 84 miles to an already long dirt road safari. Some ruts tested my suspension and I was glad I had filled up my tank prior. Its a LONG drive but the road was mostly decent. When we arrived at the trailhead, we opened the register stand and found that only three or four parties had ventured to this trailhead in 2013. BUT, on the day before, Scott Surgent and Scott Casterlin had signed in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One day apart we followed their footprints up the trail to the summit that had a register bottle covered by a red can. Views over to where the Grand Canyon was and a great panorama in all other directions awaited us. Nice. The drive back was uneventful but took forever to get back to St. George. We passed only one other vehicle on the drive back, just one. Lonely indeed is the Arizona strip.


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Mount Dellenbaugh safari

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