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Tracy - Mar 31, 2006 10:37 am Date Climbed: May 30, 1995

south route - sleep deprived  Sucess!

Thanks to my patient climbing partner, Scott Towsey, who put up with me laying down for extended periods of time several times on the way up due to my lack of proper rest over the previous 4 days. A firm tug on the rope from him usually was all it took to get me going again.

2skinners - Mar 31, 2006 12:22 am Date Climbed: Mar 29, 2006

HP # 1 (Climbed South Side, Hogsback)  Sucess!

This was my first "real" snow climb. Climbed with my friend and climbing partner brettwilli along with our guide, Joe. The fumaroles were pretty cool, yet a little intimidating knowing I could end up in one if I screwed up. Jumped the Shrund, that was a bit scary but cool at the same time. Had a great time!!


ericd - Mar 24, 2006 8:31 pm Date Climbed: Jul 27, 2005

Hog's Back  Sucess!

A+ for accessibility coming from the Portland area. Easy grab in one day's time but it has some pitfalls along the way!


bajaandy - Mar 9, 2006 4:09 am

Hogs Back  Sucess!

Great climb with Matt G., Kim W., Buddy A.


MarieP - Mar 6, 2006 4:49 pm Date Climbed: Jul 13, 2003

South Side  Sucess!

great climb


jasonconnell - Mar 5, 2006 9:40 am Date Climbed: Feb 19, 2006

Cold One  Sucess!

Almost didn't leave the car it was so windy and cold on the 18th. Ended up skinning up to the top of Palmer and set up camp with my partners. I just got back from Denali this May/June and with the exception of high camp I have never camped in colder weather. It nearly touched -10 at 8,600 feet and there was wind. The next day we got a late start and finished off the south route. The shrund is totally filled, no need to rope up. After breaking camp I got some sweet turns in on the way back to Timberline.


Mountain Jim

Mountain Jim - Mar 3, 2006 1:11 am Date Climbed: Jul 14, 1990

Standard Route  Sucess!

Nice Mountain !!!


madmallard - Feb 25, 2006 6:11 pm Date Climbed: Feb 19, 2006

heavenly south side ascent  Sucess!

a great winter ascent with a great pair of partners. nothing is like the alpine experience. this one reminded me of the reasons why I started doing this. beauty that cannot be described in words, comradarie among friends, and the mental test of one's self made this my best summit. my thanks to foreverwild and Kevin Cannon, you guys are awesome.

Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash - Feb 23, 2006 3:59 pm Date Climbed: Apr 22, 1998

South Side/Hogsback  Sucess!

Ideal conditions. Nice consolidated snowpack, low avalanche conditions. Stinky at the top!


fat_squirrel - Feb 22, 2006 6:52 pm Date Climbed: Feb 19, 2006

Leuthold Couloir  Sucess!

Skied from Timberline at 7:15AM, very cold (10 degrees?). Roped up in a team of two at Illumination Saddle and protected with vertical pickets from below Hourglass to Summit. Four experienced buddies soloed the route ahead of us without any problems. Excellent conditions, relatively warm when in sun, little ice/rock fall. 10 hrs round trip. Check link below for climb photos:

2006-02-19 - Climb - Mt Hood - Leuthold Colouir


foreverwild - Feb 21, 2006 6:45 pm Date Climbed: Feb 19, 2005

Beautiful Winter Day  Sucess!

Great winter ascent with Madmallard and Kevin Cannon, one of my favorite climbs.


NanitaD - Feb 18, 2006 8:16 pm Date Climbed: May 26, 1963

Route Climbed: Hog's Back  Sucess!

I climbed Mt. Hood with a group from the Mazamas as the graduation climb from their climbing school. I was 15 and this was my first real mountain. A photo of the climb was in the Oregonian newspaper because there was a waiting line to go to the summit. None the less it was a memorable day for me.


cascadeclimber1978 - Feb 14, 2006 9:19 pm Date Climbed: Feb 11, 2006

Variation of Devils Kitchen Headwall  Sucess!

Excellent climb with good clear weather battled some winds up higher but thats to be expected. We climbed to the right of the main headwall and joined up with the Wy'East route and followed the ridge to the summit.


Oregon-Climber - Feb 10, 2006 8:57 pm

Route Climbed: HogsBack Date Climbed: May 2003  Sucess!

A bit nippy but we made it to the top.


Oregon-Climber - Feb 10, 2006 8:56 pm

Route Climbed: HogsBack Date Climbed: June 2003  Sucess!

Fourth ascent of Hood via the HOG, 3rd summit! Maybe it's time to try a new route.


SawtoothSean - Dec 30, 2005 9:23 pm

Route Climbed: South Side Date Climbed: June 1, 2001  Sucess!

Just a short slog up from Timberline until the interesting Sulphur fumes; nice summit views. - Sean Duffy


younkin - Dec 1, 2005 1:24 am

Route Climbed: south side, hogs back Date Climbed: 1970  Sucess!

this was my second volcano Rainer was the first, it was a slog but had a good view from the top...


alpinedan - Nov 15, 2005 10:35 am

Route Climbed: Cooper Spur Date Climbed: may 2000  Sucess!

great climb


SiberianSayan - Nov 6, 2005 4:04 pm

Route Climbed: Southside/Hogsback Date Climbed: May 5, 1996  Sucess!

Climbed in a party of three on a gorgeous day -- warm, few incidents -- I even got to see the inside of the bergstrum!


mandrake - Oct 31, 2005 7:42 pm

Route Climbed: South Side (Hogsback) Date Climbed: May 29, 2003  Sucess!

Really fogged & clouded in at the base, but got above it and beautiful weather on top.

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