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irrationalist - Jan 31, 2014 11:42 am Date Climbed: Sep 13, 2013

Astounding Beautiful  Sucess!

Its always a treat when the route to the peak is just as beautiful as the views from the summit. Did this as a solo day trip. A tiring trip to Old Army Pass. Old Army was clear and snow free. However, by the time I got to the top is was all cloudy and muggy preventing any real photos from being taken. Mt. Whitney was large and in charge from here.

Ted Bauer

Ted Bauer - Dec 3, 2013 7:23 pm

Solo Climb  Sucess!

Tried this mountain two other times, but both times others in the party caused us to turn around. This time I just did it myself. A lot of scree at the top, and not really any true trail near the summit.

The lakes on the Army Pass route have to be some of the most beautiful in the world. I kept expecting to find Grizzle Adam's cabin.


Lenny72 - Nov 18, 2013 4:58 am Date Climbed: Jul 25, 2009

Another Successful Summit!  Sucess!

An easy ascent but one of the best views from the summit of any mountain I have ever climbed in the United States. Also got a nice, freezing swim in one of the lakes and bitten on the eyelid by a mosquito in the middle of the night, swelling it shut. Unfortunately, I also saw a woman who had fallen to her death on my way up and saw her wrapped in a space blanket awaiting removal of her body from the mountain.


ROSENCLIMBER - May 11, 2014 3:39 pm

Re: Another Successful Summit!

Do you know where/how she fell? The standard route is pretty easy... Was she rock climbing?


Pastorron - Oct 6, 2013 12:54 am Date Climbed: Jul 24, 2012

Beautiful and Strange  Sucess!

We day hiked Whitney the day before so we were really sore. Backpacked into the Cottonwood Lakes and spent night. Went up via Old Army Pass. No problem with route. Scramble to the top was fun. Very strange route. Loved soaking my feet in the freezing lakes after.

haha1 - Sep 17, 2013 11:35 pm Date Climbed: Aug 24, 2011

First 14er

We had just finished a thru hike of the JMT from Tuolumne Meadows to Devils Postpile, plus a hike to Cloudripper. Was very much conditioned to the altitude so didn't have issues with altitude sickness this time around - unlike the previous attempt the year before.

dakine - Sep 17, 2013 4:42 pm Date Climbed: Jul 18, 2013

Summer dayhike  Sucess!

Long dayhike on a beautiful summer day. No wind, no clouds. Army pass looked impossible from the lake, but yes there is a trail. One spot had snow and we had to step below to get around. Amazing views from the top. Started at 7:00 a.m., finished 13 hours later. This was my second 14er.


jrnewmann - Sep 15, 2013 6:11 pm Date Climbed: Sep 14, 2013

Fun, Easier 14er but the Sand Sucks  Sucess!

Made it up my fourth fourteener yesterday, it was a lot of fun, not too challenging although my friends struggled due to altitude. The climb to the summit is kind of sandy and slow but not awful. The toughest part of this hike is the distance, it's just a long day no matter what. Old army pass has zero snow right now but who knows when it will start to snow again. Old army pass is definitely the way to go, it's really not exposed or concerning if you are sure on your feet. Great peak!


douggranger - Sep 12, 2013 7:56 pm Date Climbed: Jul 21, 2006

New Army Pass  Sucess!

Tagged the summit with Maggie and got the heck out of there with lightning approaching.

kc7sqd - Sep 9, 2013 4:45 pm Date Climbed: Aug 15, 2013

Great views, NAP  Sucess!

We had a great time climbing Mt. Langley via New Army pass. The trail up New Army Pass is one of the easiest and well-graded passes in the High Sierras. In some spots, however, the grade up the pass is so shallow that long switchbacks are needed to gain elevation. I would be OK with a little steeper grade and shorter trail up New Army Pass. From the pass, it's a long but easy traverse to Mt. Langley. Fun scramble up the class2/3 rocks to get to the summit plateau. The views are amazing from the summit, and we had perfect weather. One of my favorites!


bscott - Sep 8, 2013 2:36 pm Date Climbed: Sep 5, 2013

great views  Sucess!

the drop off north of the summit is impressive


DukeJH - Aug 25, 2013 12:35 pm Date Climbed: Aug 24, 2013

Sad Day  Sucess!

Hiked from Horseshoe Meadows parking lot, 10 hours from car to car via Old Army Pass. On the summit, found out about Pat Hadley's death. I had planned to hike Cirque Peak but lost the urge. Descended in a smoky haze due to fires in SEKI.


colleenzato - Aug 16, 2013 11:43 am Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2013

Mount Langley  Sucess!

I wanted to try Mount Langley as it's another 14'er in the Mount Whitney range and I heard it was beautiful. I was so impressed by the beauty, not just at the peak but all along the trail. Once you come out of the trees, you hike through meadows and you pass the prettiest blue lakes. The trail is pretty straight forward and easy on the way up. The last 1,000 feet or so were steeper and there is a bit of scrambling and scree, which added to the fun. I enjoyed Langley a lot more than Whitney. It was not as long of a day, the views were prettier, and there were hardly any people there. I guess it is a well kept secret :)


Donno - Aug 11, 2013 9:58 pm Date Climbed: Jul 1, 1995

South Slopes  Sucess!

W/ Rahil & Mohi
1997: stormed off w/ Peter in June


jdmorehouse - Aug 5, 2013 2:50 pm Date Climbed: Aug 3, 2013

Again, and a side trip to Cirque  Sucess!

Although I had climbed this already in June, Lorraine hadn't, and we had an opportunity to climb it with some friends on the 3rd. We set off at 6:30 a.m. through the Cottonwood Lakes and up Old Army Pass. The snow that was still there at the end of June was completely gone. Unlike my last trip (only one other, who came up after me), the summit was quite crowded, with possibly up to 20 people there all at once. We were the only day hikers, to the best of my knowledge, though. When we reached Old Army Pass on the return, I broke off from the group and headed up and over to Cirque Peak and down into the South Fork of Cottonwood Creek drainage and returned to the TH from there. The side trip to Cirque added no extra distance, as the whole hike came in at twenty miles. A fine day.

Vic Hanson

Vic Hanson - Jul 7, 2013 8:18 pm Date Climbed: Jun 12, 2013

1st of 2  Sucess!

Started from Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead about 10:15, hiked up via New Army Pass, went too far to the left on the scramble up the rocks so had to traverse almost the whole summit plateau, took a more direct route down and then climbed Cirque Peak. Got to the summit there about 7:00 pm and then dropped down to the PCT to camp by an unfortunately dry lake. After hiking some on the PCT, camped at Chicken Spring Lake the 2nd night, very delightful!


jdmorehouse - Jun 30, 2013 7:04 pm Date Climbed: Jun 29, 2013

Day Hike  Sucess!

I left the TH at 6:14 a.m. and was on the summit in just over five hours. I took the Old Army Pass route, and it was incredibly scenic going through the Cottonwood Lakes area. Old Army Pass was in reasonably good shape, and only had two patches of snow blocking the trail, but were easily crossed. I went up more to the right of the summit block, ending up gaining around 500' or so climbing through the boulders. Much smoke in the Owens Valley from some wildfire burning in SoCal. On my way back down, the lakes area was mushrooming with back packers and presumably, back packing fishermen. Trout season opens tomorrow (July 1), which might explain the surge in visitors.


royanderson - Mar 9, 2013 1:50 pm Date Climbed: Oct 3, 2011

Fall from Cottonwood Lakes  Sucess!

I have a trip report on this


MiguelVieira - Nov 14, 2012 12:08 am Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2007

Loop with Cirque Peak  Sucess!

Hiked via Old Army Pass from camp at Cottonwood Lake 4. Went on to climb Cirque Peak afterward.


Fairweather - Oct 27, 2012 1:32 am Date Climbed: Aug 3, 2012

Day hike via Old Army  Sucess!

First time out of the Cottonwood Lakes trailhead. Nice gradual approach made for a fun day. Much easier day than Whitney.

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