Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 38.05980°N / 24.46680°E
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 4587 ft / 1398 m


Mount Ochi (gr: Όχη, often spelled as Ohi or Oche) is the mountain which dominates the southern part of Euboea, Greece's second largest island. At its maximum, it reaches an elevation of 1398 AMSL, thus being the third highest mountain on the island. Its slopes are mostly covered with grassland and bush, thus allowing magnificent views of the southern portion of Euboea, the east of Attica, and the northern of the Cyclades protruding out of the vast Aegean Sea.

Besides its natural beauties, the mountain is also famous for the so-called Dragon Houses. A group of some 20 bizarre, ancient stone structures found on its slopes, the origins of which have been puzzling generations of archaeologists since they were first mentioned to the wide public in the work of the British geologist John Hawkins in the 18th century. The most renown and well-preserved of these is built right on the very top of the mountain.

Getting There

The starting point to climb Mount Ochi is the coastal town of Karystos, located by the south foot of the mountain.

From Athens, the best way to reach there is driving to Rafina and taking the ferry across the gulf to Marmari. From Euboea's capital, Chalkis, one may drive directly to Karystos. Direct buses run to Karystos from both Chalkis and Athens.


The most usual approach to Ochi's summit starts from the village of Myli, a couple of km north of Karystos. There is a signed trail starting from the upper verge of the village leading to the top after some 3-4 hours in a decent tempo.

Less toilsomely, the summit might also be reached by driving (ideally with a 4x4) to either of these two points: 1) The mountain's refuge, driving up from Metochi village, and 2) the point 38.0681-24.4582, driving from Mekounida village; and ascending to the peak after a short hike up the south and north faces of the mountain respectively.

The most beautiful, though somewhat long, approach is, presumably, the one starting from Kallianos Beach and ascending via the Dimosaris Gorge.

When to Climb

At any time.


I'm not quite sure of what the law officially states, however, generally, camping may be safely done anywhere in the country, far from residential areas, and especially on the mountains.

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