Mount Rainier National Park from Sunrise.

Mount Rainier National Park from Sunrise.

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A short visit to Mount Rainier National Park.

Sunrise Lodge.Sunrise lodge.
Sarvant Glaciers.Sarvant glaciers.
SEP.03.2007. The following images were taken mostly from Sunrise ridge, Sourdough and Burroughs Mountains, a mountain range located on the north side of Mount Rainier National Park, a popular hiking destination, due to the excellent view of Mount Rainier and its proximity to roads and the Sunrise Visitor Center.

Mount Rainier looked tall from where I was standing at. I think it was the first time I saw a glacier at very low altitude. Ususally glaciers in the Andes start above 14,000 ft.
Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma.Mount Rainier and little Tahoma
Rainier from Sunrise Ridge.Mount Rainier as seen from Sunrise Ridge

The whole range was formed by big mountains, few of them had glaciers and snow fields which were melting during the warm summer.

Forest and streams were beautiful and gave to the surroundings a nice contrast with the sky. What an amazing place!


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