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Ol Walsher

Ol Walsher - Nov 14, 2007 12:04 am Date Climbed: Nov 12, 2007

Fire Road  Sucess!

Good hike with some sweet views of Napa Valley and surrounding mountains. Hiked with Jonodo.


Jonodo - Nov 12, 2007 8:28 pm Date Climbed: Nov 12, 2007

Trail and Dirt Road  Sucess!

Nice hike with Ol'Walsher. The day was a bit cloudy and cool but what do you expect for Nov? Stopped at Sivlerado Mine on the way back.


panweilin - Oct 25, 2007 7:57 pm Date Climbed: Oct 29, 2006

Mountain biking trip  Sucess!

Bike ride 5.6 miles up to the top.


hikerbryan - Oct 3, 2007 12:30 am Date Climbed: Jan 20, 2005

Nice hike  Sucess!

Nice, though a little boring, hike to the summit. Many high points to explore once you're on the top. The radio towers are a little ugly, but I think there is at least one on every peak and ridge in the Bay Area.


metasyn11 - May 16, 2007 7:40 pm Date Climbed: May 16, 2007

Route Climbed: Dirt Road  Sucess!

Quick up quick down, on a mild May midafternoon. Kinda hazy, not much views, but worth it nonetheless.


mow10 - Apr 15, 2007 11:40 pm

via mountain bike many times  Sucess!

This is a sweet bike ride, especially going down. It is also near my favorite base camp, Harbin Hot Springs.


bigbendbetty - Apr 15, 2007 12:44 pm Date Climbed: Apr 13, 2007

Fun  Sucess!

It was a very clear day. I could see Shasta, Lassen and I believe the Sutter Buttes. The views made up for the radio tower on top. The first mile of the hike was really pretty as well.

Bubba Suess

Bubba Suess - Mar 9, 2007 10:38 pm

The Wine Country Mountain  Sucess!

In many ways, this is THE mountain of the wine country. It looms over both Napa and Sonoma counties.

Chris Doig

Chris Doig - Feb 7, 2007 4:36 am Date Climbed: Feb 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday  Sucess!

Hiked up with my cohp buddy Jeff. We were first on trail and made it home in time for the kickoff. Saw lots of people on the way down! The first mile of this hike is excellent single track. We enjoyed the fire road portion too as the views of napa valley are excellent. Hazy up top but saw, Cobb, Diablo, Tam, Lassen and Snow mtns. I'll do it again for conditioning.

Michael Perry

Michael Perry - Jan 22, 2007 3:07 am Date Climbed: Jan 20, 2007

Great views, bad parking  Sucess!

Reasonably quiet hike, took a little over 2 hours to reach the North Peak summit. Summit was very windy and pretty cold. Views were great, though pretty hazy. Could easily see Cobb and Mt. Diablo. Barely visible were the snow-capped Sierras and the SF skyline. Luckily I got to the mountain early, cause the parking along 29 is packed by mid-day, and a pain to get out of sometimes.


Desert_Solitaire - Oct 30, 2006 4:00 am Date Climbed: Oct 29, 2006

Hiker's Trail/Dirt Road  Sucess!

Great views!


boisedoc - Sep 11, 2006 5:51 am Date Climbed: May 1, 1996

Good views  Sucess!

Great views of the Napa area. Uneventful walk


Rockman - Aug 30, 2006 2:53 am Date Climbed: May 1, 1992

some time ago  Sucess!

I don't quite remember the date but it was when I was living in the Santa Rosa area during the '90's.


BrendanHickey - Jul 27, 2006 3:33 pm Date Climbed: Apr 6, 2006

Cold ascent  Sucess!

Started at 7am just as the sun rose. The nice weather lasted until I reached the saddle, when the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped to 38 degrees F! Some patches of snow at the top but it's mostly gone.

lakenyon - May 14, 2006 8:51 pm Date Climbed: Dec 24, 2004

dirt road  Sucess!

Walked up.


kaos14 - Oct 19, 2005 1:57 pm

Route Climbed: Dirt Road Date Climbed: March 2004  Sucess!

A long walk up the dirt road was made better by great views and a lack of anyone else on the trail.


starship_jen - Aug 5, 2005 12:06 am

Route Climbed: Dirt Road Date Climbed: March 1999  Sucess!

Ok, so I actually rode my mountain bike for this one, though I did walk some of the uphill. : ) Nice view from the top with lots of sunshine. Still had some snow on the mountain.

Brian Kalet

Brian Kalet - Jul 6, 2005 5:30 pm

Route Climbed: Trail from SR29 summit Date Climbed: July 5, 2005  Sucess!

Had a sampler at Napa Valley Brewing Company before the climb!


k2link - Apr 12, 2005 8:57 pm

Route Climbed: Mt Saint Helena trail Date Climbed: March 2004  Sucess!

Hiked to the summit on a very warm spring day. The road is shadeless and dusty, and pretty unpleasant. But the views from the summit were outstanding.


sackbut - Mar 7, 2005 2:14 pm

Route Climbed: RLS State Park / Fire Road Date Climbed: March 5, 2005  Sucess!

Brought a group of 15 from St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church in SF - ages 12 to probably 64. It had rained a lot Friday, but it was sunny and warm Saturday, up in the 60s. The only mud we encountered was in the parking area. Everybody summitted, and we could see all of the landmarks as advertised - Lassen, Snow, Diablo, Tam, and the ocean. A beautiful hike all around.

Someone should relocate and renovate the marker comemorating the 1841 ascent by the Russian party from Ft. Ross. There is an ugly radio outbuilding right beside, marginalizing and offending the marker.

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