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notinkansas - May 3, 2004 10:05 pm

Route Climbed: Ski Hut trail as far as hut, then up creek bed to Harwood Date Climbed: May 2, 2004  Sucess!

Thought I’d try a different route this time to include Harwood. Most of the San Antonio creek bed was scree, which made it a little tough but it is a direct line to Mt. Harwood. Then down Harwood, and up Mt. Baldy.


Reiksgib - Apr 26, 2004 12:43 pm

Route Climbed: San Antonio Ski Hut Trail Date Climbed: April 24, 2004  Sucess!

Climbed this route on a beautiful clear day in SoCal. You could see Catalina and San Clemente Islands offshore. Snow was not significant as there were only a few patches on the switchbacks up above the bowl, and one small easily navigated snowfield just before the summit. Met Bud Halley at the Sierra Club hut; he is the yodeling guy. If you have been on this mountain enough, you have surely heard him.


WhereAmI - Apr 23, 2004 3:07 am

Route Climbed: Ski Hut Date Climbed: August, 28, 2003  Sucess!

Training for a Colorado 14er and in the meantime I found a beautiful and worthy peak in it's own right. I did a big loop and ended up running down through quicksand like scree for a couple miles near the ski lift. I'm just glad I didn't go up that way.


StephaneFitch - Mar 22, 2004 1:22 pm

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: March 20, 2004  Sucess!

Exceptionally mild day at the summit. My collaeague Bill Sherman and I ascended via the route that most people choose for a descent and vice versa: started at 6,200 feet, down the road from the trailhead (we'd run out of gas on the way in and had to stop a mile short); walked the fire road past the falls and all the way to Mt. Baldy ski lodge; then climbed to the summit via Devil's backbone route. Soft snow from the storms that hit L.A. two weeks ago will probably be gone in a month. We descended down the more direct route to the falls. Lovely day.


ALGUIEN1 - Mar 21, 2004 10:05 pm

Route Climbed: Bowl Trail Date Climbed: 03.18.04  Sucess!

Started from Manker flats at 7 AM and reached the top at 10:30. Great snow conditions to practice self arrest and to do some glissading.


notinkansas - Mar 13, 2004 1:45 am

Route Climbed: Baldy Bowl Date Climbed: March 6, 2004  Sucess!

Snow was a little soft but I had to try going up the bowl. It was fun! Met rwkent on the summit.

Rick Kent

Rick Kent - Mar 10, 2004 6:33 pm

Route Climbed: Ski Hut / Baldy Bowl Date Climbed: 3/6/04  Sucess!

Hiked up the Ski Hut trail to the hut and then ascended directly up the bowl. Three feet of snow and the warm day made for a lot of postholing (and of course it was windy).

Rick Kent

Rick Kent - Mar 10, 2004 6:32 pm

Route Climbed: Ski Hut / Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: 10/24/03  Sucess!

Hiked up via the ski hut trail and down over the Devil's Backbone. It as windy and one of the big fires was burning down near San Antonio Heights. The fire and wind must have scared everyone off. I was the only one on the summit.


TalonFerguson - Feb 16, 2004 12:40 pm

Route Climbed: Ski hut Trail Date Climbed: 2/14/04  Sucess!

Climbed baldy on Valentines day 2004 Via Ski Hut trail, went off the beaten trail and cut through Baldy Bowl, Snow turned ice halfway up, and we roped up, Went back down taking a shorter route down the bowl ( more south, through the trees ) this was all snow, and much safer, This hike would have been a complete cinch and perfectly safe if we'd stuck to the beaten trail ( come up the way we went down ).. I'd suggest this trail to anyone lookin to get a lil snow and ice practice, very fun, leave early though, can be slow-going... we didnt sumit till 3:30 ( left around 10 )


Khanes - Feb 8, 2004 9:30 pm

Route Climbed: Main trail Date Climbed: 1998-2002  Sucess!

I have now climbed Mount Baldy three times, and throroughly enjoyed each trip as much as the others. It's a great mountain for beginning SoCal enthusiasts to get some experience. It's even better and more crazy in the snow. Makes for a great winter trip.


birdhead - Feb 4, 2004 5:05 pm

Route Climbed: Ski Hut Trail Date Climbed: May 2000  Sucess!

My 1st big summit. Climbed with Ryan. Ran into a whole troop of Boy Scouts on the top, proving once again that most kids are just tougher than I am.


notinkansas - Nov 25, 2003 1:02 am

Route Climbed: Ski Hut Trail Date Climbed: Nov. 23, 2003  Sucess!

Took to the trail about noon. Icy above 8000 ft. Then nice snow for climbing above 9000 ft. Enjoyed the sunset while descending the Backbone.

Tom Kenney

Tom Kenney - Nov 14, 2003 1:45 pm

Route Climbed: Baldy Notch Date Climbed: Late spring, 1990  Sucess!

Hiked to the top of the ski area, then to a nice campsite about 200 yds west of the top of the ski lift. Next day summited with throngs of skiers and mountaineers. Wind was extremely heavy. I had to sit on the somewhat sheltered north shoulder (50' below the summit) to take pictures. The wind pushed me a couple feet despite being seated on the snow. Didn't stay long.

Hiker Babe - Oct 1, 2003 1:05 am

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: 09/27/03  Sucess!

We took the ski lift up. It was a pretty demanding hike. It took us about 2.5 hours up and 1 hour down. Luckily it's short and well worth it. It was fairly hot, but the cool breeze made it nice. We encountered a family of Bighorns on the trail and had to hike around them.

Mike Zastoupil

Mike Zastoupil - Sep 25, 2003 1:32 pm

Route Climbed: Devils Backbone Date Climbed: Septermber 20 2003  Sucess!

Took the backbone up and the ski hut trail down. Solo trip and a nice day

the*grudge - Sep 23, 2003 9:07 am

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: Setempber 21 2003  Sucess!

I climbed with Jaweed and I am even more of a beginner than him. It is Tuesday and my quads are still burning with every move! Very cool hike though. Next time I plan on listening to T O O L on full blast with my mp3 player during the tough parts of the hike in order to block out the thoughts of "Turn back....I can't make it" !


jaweed - Sep 22, 2003 8:54 pm

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: September 21, 2003  Sucess!

We made our ascent on the Devil's Backbone. The initial climb after the ski lift was difficult for me as a beginner hiker. The distance from there to the bottom of the backbone was scenic and comfortable. The climb up the backbone was tough and at times very windy. From the summit we were able to see Mt. Baden-Powell and one of the guys we went with went ot the other "west peak" of baldy which takes about 30 minutes from the summit. For me the most difficult part of the hike was the descent. Some of the time we ran and other times we were taking baby steps because it was so steep. A great workout and a great hike! Next week...San Yacinto!!!

GregAR15 - Sep 7, 2003 10:59 pm

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: November 17, 2002  Sucess!

I went on my birthday to finally bag Mt Baldy- I had tried before, but my hiking buds had to turn around. I was on the last stretch only to find a sandblasted wind tunnel. The hike was well worth it, however. Not only was the hiking an exciting experience, but the summit was excellent! I made some HAM radio contacts well over 100 miles, we took in the view, and we had a fun time sharing stories with other climbers.


395guy - Sep 1, 2003 4:58 pm

Route Climbed: Devil's Backbone Date Climbed: Mon, Sept 1, 2003  Sucess!

Ran up as part of the annual Labor Day 8-mile "Run to the Top of Mt. Baldy" Race. Great race. On top in 1 hr, 33min. Not bad since my legs were still zonked from running the Pikes Peak Marathon 2 weeks earlier. Very windy on top (30+ mph?) but gorgeous view of the high desert. It was a little smoggy facing west.


notinkansas - Aug 26, 2003 12:47 am

Route Climbed: Blue Ridge Date Climbed: Aug. 17, 2003  Sucess!

Finally completed all four established routes to the summit. Went up Blue Ridge and came down the San Antonio Ski Hut trail to Manker Flat. It was a great day! Met a party of about six camping on the summit.

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