Mount Sneffels 2nd Gully

After making it up the 1st gully and passing through the notch this is the view we were greeted with - the upper portion of the second gully.

Unfortunatley this picture does not show the route to get down and over to the gully. From the notch you drop about 30 feet and traverse on a "ledge" to the gully. There were some cairns (some confusing) for getting across the "ledge". If you don't find the "ledge" then you probably have to drop 100 feet or more to reach the gully.

The exit point of the 2nd gully is not shown in the picture, but is above the far left corner of this photo. It is not the gully seen in the center.

Mount Sneffels Southwest Ridge Route
San Juan Range - Colorado
September 8, 2011


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