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Archangl - Jul 25, 2002 8:00 am

Route Climbed: Tuckerman Ravine Date Climbed: July 21, 2002  Sucess!

It was a good climb. The views from the Tuckerman headwall were spectacular. However, the summit was a disappointment. The hoardes of overweight noisy American tourists swarming over the summit while gorging themselves on hot dogs and pizza certainly detracted from the experience. My wife and I were glad to retreat from the summit circus to the solitude of the Nelson Craig Trail to descend.


rcorby2 - Jul 8, 2002 7:21 pm

Route Climbed: Boot Spur Date Climbed: July 7th, 2002  Sucess!

Great climb! Started at 6:00am from Pinkham Notch, headed up via Boot Spur Route, and tagged the peak at 11:00am feeling quite strong. Zipped over to Lake of the Clouds and tagged Mt Monroe and then headed for Tuckerman Ravine for the descent. Trip report here!


marcminish - Jul 3, 2002 7:31 am

Route Climbed: The Pinnacle Date Climbed: February 2002  Sucess!

Good fat ice, relatively clear day. My first Class III lead. Summitted w/ Chris Witkowski.


marcminish - Jul 3, 2002 7:24 am

Route Climbed: Lions Head Winter Route Date Climbed: March 2001  Sucess!

My first Alpine climb. With Chris Witkowski and Mark Medford.


Drazil - Jul 1, 2002 9:11 pm

Route Climbed: Tuckerman Ravine Date Climbed: February 25, 2002  Sucess!

Although known to be home of the 'World's Worst Weather' , climbing Mt. Washington in Feb. 2002 proved to be an experience quite different than I had expected. The weather was 'balmy' compared to a regular day up on the mountain. The average snowfall that month had been just 18".

Skies were so clear you could see forever and the winds were not really strong till we reached the summit. There they were strong enough to knock you off your feet (~55mph) and make every little step forward a challenge, but otherwise the temps did not go below 20F.

Went with EMS and our guide was excellent.

Jerry L

Jerry L - Jun 30, 2002 5:23 am

Route Climbed: Tuckerman Ravine Date Climbed: December 15, 2001

(5) Summits total.


GuitarWIzard - Jun 27, 2002 10:22 am

Route Climbed: Northern Presidential Traverse - Gulfside/Trinity Heights Date Climbed: 6/25/02  Sucess!

The fifth summit of the Northern Traverse....reached it after nearly 12.5 miles and 9 hours of hiking. Of the nearly 20-some-odd times I've been on this mountain, this trip was one of the most rewarding....and most depressing. This was to be the "halfway point" in my Presidential Traverse (24 miles, 10 summits), however a weather front moved in and I reluctantly made the decision to descend to Pinkham Notch. Very disappointing, since all the "hard work" had already been done. However, thunderstorms were in the forecast for Wednesday, and I wasn't sure if the front moving in had boomers, so I wasn't taking any chances hiking down a ridge for another 8 miles. Will try again for the complete 1 day traverse next year..

Tom Fralich

Tom Fralich - Apr 24, 2002 9:27 am Date Climbed: Apr 28, 2001

See Below  Sucess!

Tuckerman's Ravine (with ski descent) -- April 28, 2001 -- Climbed from Pinkham Notch to the summit in about 4 hours via the Headwall in Tuckerman's Ravine and skied from the summit. Snow conditions on the Headwall were poor (very icy with chunks of frozen avalance debris) and a number of crevasses had opened up. The skiing back to Pinkham Notch from the Lower Headwall was fantastic with lots of nice bumps and only a few bare spots.

Pinnacle Buttress (III 5.8) -- September 2, 2007 -- Mary and I climbed this on our one-year anniversary on a perfect day with blue sky and no wind. I'd been waiting for good conditions to climb this route on previous trips to NH but never found them. Finally, the weather was suitable, but when we got to the base of the route, there were about 12 people standing around, including a party of four. We roped up and started simul-climbing which allowed us to get a pitch ahead of the masses. We finished the route in about an hour and went to the summit for lunch.

Pinnacle Gully (III WI3) -- November 29, 2008 -- Climbed Thanksgiving weekend with Bill Ayers and Taiwanese David Huang. We started early, stopped at the Harvard Cabin and chatted with the caretaker, then up to the base of the route. The first pitch was mostly good ice, then two ropelengths of straightforward snow. We topped out in the Garden in 40+mph winds with poor visibility and made our way towards the Lions Head descent. Made it back to Pinkham in time for the free cheese tasting. Good day and a good way to start the season.

jeffn - Apr 3, 2002 7:46 pm

Route Climbed: Lion Head Date Climbed: January 1999  Sucess!

There is weather on this mountain in case anyone asks.

tedde1 - Mar 27, 2002 4:42 pm

Route Climbed: all directions all seasons Date Climbed: many  Sucess!

A classic, especially on a clear fall day

MacRaider4 - Mar 21, 2002 8:31 pm

Route Climbed: Ammonoosuc Up, Jewel Down Date Climbed: August 2001  Sucess!

Finally started hitting the larger mountains in the NE this spring/summer. After doing Mt. Marcy (NY) in May, it was time to climb Mt. Washington. Being slightly overweight this wasn't the easiest of climbs, but wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be. I'm looking forward to taking some of the other trails up this season.


rpc - Mar 21, 2002 2:19 pm

Route Climbed: Ammonoosuc Ravine Date Climbed: late May 2000  Sucess!

Very nice hike - the weather cooperated 100 % although people who left before us and were coming down looked soaked. Will do more of the Presidential Range next time we're on the east coast. Beautiful place.


GuitarWIzard - Mar 15, 2002 6:52 pm

Route Climbed: Tuckerman, Boott Spur, Lion Head (Summer & Winter Routes) Huntington, Ammonoosuc, Jewel, Gulfside, Nelson Crag, Crawford Path Date Climbed: Every month of the year  Sucess!

I've been on the mountain in every month of the year, from sunny and warm conditions with no wind, to blizzard conditions at night, to 100 mph winds and clear skies, and night hikes in the winter under the stars. I think I can honestly say there is no other "small" mountain in the world that offers the same conditions of Mt. Washington. You can get the same weather as the Himalayas at 6,288 feet, and you don't get altitude sickness or raped on the ridiculous expedition costs. Plus, it's only a 4 hour drive from my house, which works well :). My brother and I are planning a Denali expedition, and minus the altitude and air temps (after all, unless you go to Antarctica, simulating the air temps at Denali is rather difficult....the coldest Mt. Washington will typically get to is "only" -20 or -30 degrees F.), there is no better way to prepare for the weather than Mt. Washington. You can get 120 mph winds, whiteout blizzard conditions, mind-numbing temps, and the summit is only a little over 4 miles from the road. Can't beat that with a stick.

aidclimb - Mar 15, 2002 3:22 pm

Route Climbed: tuckerman ravine Date Climbed: march of 1999  Sucess!

very windy all day reached whiteout conditions by 11:00 am about an hour from the summit. the wind continued at a sustaind blow of 60mph with gust reaching in excess of 100mph. after reaching the summit and a few very quick pictures we headed down with the use of a compass. the visibility was less than 20ft and the trip took 9.5 hours


schadik - Nov 19, 2001 5:28 am

Route Climbed: Tuckermanns Date Climbed: 1985, 1986.  Sucess!

Some of my first climbing experiences were in and around that area. I used to dream about skiing tuckermanns but never got around to it.

The Flash - Oct 1, 2001 3:07 pm

Route Climbed: Up Boott Spur down Lions Head Date Climbed: Sept 29 2001  Sucess!

I am a fairly novice Hiker ( Just a couple of small mountains in the Blue ridge and Catskills) I went up the Boott Spur to the summit this weekend and came down Lion Head. I t was by far the coolest Hike I've ever been on. I spent at least three to four hours above the treeline and the views were incredible.


brandon - Sep 18, 2001 4:36 pm

Route Climbed: Lion's Head Date Climbed: Winter 1996  Sucess!

Have done couple of winter solo climbs of Washington. Presidentials in winter is the best preparation I know for Alaska weather.


Romain - Sep 10, 2001 5:48 pm

Route Climbed: Lion's Head Date Climbed: February 1998  Sucess!

Celebrating my Stanford job offer... A nice alpine stroll in the middle of winter, we were blessed by great weathr and calm winds.... See Romain's Mount Washington Photos for some pictures.

greylock - Aug 23, 2001 5:41 am

Route Climbed: Tuckerman's Ravine Trail Date Climbed: 8/20/2001  Sucess!

Successful climb to the summit after an attempt last year in 70 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. Conditions were: foggy and windy as usual. No view from the summit. Hike down to Lakes of the Clouds and climb Monroe and back down to Pinkham's Notch via Boot Spur Trail.


John - Aug 16, 2001 7:04 pm

Route Climbed: Tucks (trail & a winter gully), Lion Head (summer & winter) Date Climbed: 1999, 1998, 1997  Sucess!

I've been to this peak 5 times and the summit 3 times, during the spring, summer, and autumn. Both the spring and autumn visits were with snow in winter-like conditions. The first time I hiked up with Rob and Robyn in August and the area above the Tuckerman bowl was cloudy with 15 foot visibility. The second time was with Josh and I did a solo trip the third time. The latter two trips were with perfect weather and clear views from the summit. The other two times were a winter visit where I turned around at Hermit Lake due to weather and an early spring attempt on the Dodge's Drop route, also with Josh.

See more photos: April 25, 1999, December 20, 1998, and August 3, 1997.

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