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JanG - Sep 13, 2007 5:58 pm

Many times (in all seasons)

I have hiked up & down this familiar mountain so many times over the years that I have lost count. The first time [in 1986] was up from Sierra Madre & down to Altadena. Subsequently I also hiked to the top from Chantry Flats, but my favorite route remains the round trip from Sierra Madre (old Mt Wilson trail). The latter trail is a great way to get in shape & build endurance. Once the hike becomes "too easy" then I move on (for training) to the Mt Baldy trail (up & down from Baldy Village).

In my experience, the best time for hiking the standard trail is late winter or early spring [when the wild flowers are in full bloom and there might be some snow above the Toll Road]. The worst time is summer when rattle snakes are plentiful and very close to the trail!


ChuckO - Jun 19, 2007 4:22 pm

Many times  Sucess!

Many times, by most of the routes. By foot and mountain bike. Most times via the Toll Road - grew up in Altadena, about a 1/4mile from the bottom of the Toll Road.


135driver - Jun 7, 2007 8:08 pm

stoooopid  Sucess!

hate the towers. This one will only be done once.

Fred Bagni

Fred Bagni - Jun 3, 2007 3:21 pm

Many Times  Sucess!

Many routes...

David Rosenberg - Apr 8, 2007 9:34 pm

Many Ascents  Sucess!

Climbed this mountain every which way. Little Santa Anita, Rattlesnake Trail, Rim of the World Trail, Big Santa Anita, and Winter Creek.

Vic Hanson

Vic Hanson - Apr 1, 2007 6:01 pm

Many Ways to the Top  Sucess!

I think the first time was from Chantry Flats, also have gone up the Rattlesnake Trail from the back, on the road from Mt. Lowe, and by mtn. bike via the Toll Road. However my favorite is the Old Mt. Wilson Trail from Sierra Madre.


mgeo - Mar 25, 2007 7:53 pm

Ouch  Sucess!

Hike from Wilson down towards Sturtevant area and just burned my legs out. The hike up was much more enjoyable. I have to give it another go at some point.

hbhiker - Feb 7, 2007 12:52 am Date Climbed: Feb 3, 2007

Old Mt Wilson Trail  Sucess!

Went up from Sierra Madre on the Old Mt Wilson Trail. Harder than expected, quite a bit of elevation gain. Have done in the past from Chantry Flat, this is more challenging. Quite a few shaded areas, but alot of sun. Don't recommend it on a hot day.


trailhuggersarah - Jan 9, 2007 9:27 pm Date Climbed: Dec 10, 2006

always a favorite  Sucess!

Great hike from Sierra Madre. When finished, Bean Town is usually open in Sierra Madre.


MelbaToast - Dec 1, 2006 4:13 am

The Road  Sucess!

Might as well drive, but it's worth the trip up.

Matthew Holliman

Matthew Holliman - Dec 1, 2006 2:42 am Date Climbed: Mar 26, 2005

The road...  Sucess!

Memorable and enjoyable day--not so much for the hiking or views, but just the whimsical nature of seeing a "peak," guessing that it was an HPS one, and tagging it. Bob and I did 13, but with some semblance of planning that number could easily reach into the 20s.


theronmoon - Oct 10, 2006 11:43 pm

blah  Sucess!

not one of my favorites

Bob Burd

Bob Burd - Oct 9, 2006 4:30 am Date Climbed: Mar 26, 2005

Not much of a hike...  Sucess!

An HPS-O-Rama day with Matthew. This was by far the easiest of 13 peaks. The highpoint is actually not where the observatory is, but further west. Trip Report


WhereAmI - Sep 20, 2006 3:35 am Date Climbed: Feb 18, 2003

From Sierra Madre  Sucess!

Fun long hike from Sierra Madre. Great to start out in the city and hike so far out of it. Though it takes away from the sense of success when you get to the top and there's people driving golf balls from the parking lot into the canyon.


Rob - Sep 18, 2006 7:18 am

Drove up

Walked to the top from the parking lot. Checked out the telescope too.


Travis_ - Sep 7, 2006 3:41 am Date Climbed: Aug 3, 2003

My first hike in California  Sucess!

Great intro to hiking in California

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Sep 6, 2006 7:34 pm

Many, Many Ascents

Many, many ascents over the years. Most of the ascents have been either by bike or on a trail run. Have done it from Bailey Canyon, Mt. Wilson Trail, Mt. Wilson Toll Road(biking), and from Chantry Flat.

Tom Kenney

Tom Kenney - Sep 3, 2006 11:14 pm

Numerous 'Ascents'  Sucess!

Been to the summit via many routes over the last 25 years, most often by bicycle up either the Toll Road or the Mount Lowe Railway.

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