Schneeberg - Klosterwappen

Schneeberg - Klosterwappen

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Location Lat/Lon: 47.76800°N / 15.80570°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Via Ferrata, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6811 ft / 2076 m
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Schneeberg with the summit Klosterwappen is the highest mountain of Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) and the most eastward 2000m mountain of the alps. Nearly the whole region is a water protection area (1 st Vienna water supply)Near Fischerhütte is the summit Kaiserstein - named after emperors Franz I sucessful ascent in 1805 and 1807.Schneeberg is often underestimated (rapid weather changes - with snow, heavy rain, fog, strong winds) - orientation might be very difficult. This YouTube video shows some strong wind near Fischerhütte strong wind near Fischerhütte

Schneeberg from UnterbergSchneeberg from Untersberg
Schneeberg from Puchberg am...Schneeberg from Puchberg/Schneeberg

In summer (May to November) the rack railway (starting in Puchberg am Schneeberg) is the easiest ascent (about 1 hour walk to the summit).

Schneeberg East - Nov. 2003...near Damböckhaus

South side - Climbing

Very nice climbs in Höllental (near Reichenau an der Rax)

Vordere StadelwandVordere Stadelwand
Grossofen - SchneebergGrossofen

North Side - Skitouring

in spring time several nice steep ski descents.In winter ski touring starts usually at Losenheim (near Puchberg am Schneeberg).

Ascending Fadensteig (near...Fadensteig near Edelweisshütte
Ascending the  Fadensteig  in...Fadensteig
descending Rote Schütt...Rote Schütt Flanke
Lahning Ries (April 2006)Lahning Ries
Fadensteig - Schneeberg PlateauSchneeberg Plateau


Picture taken on the route...Schneidergraben

Getting There

North side: Puchberg am SchneebergSouth side: Reichenau an der Raxby car: Form Vienna on the highway (Südautobahn - A1) to Wiener Neustadt - continue via Ternitz to Puchberg am Schneebergor (for the south side of Schneeberg) from Ternitz (continue an Semmeringschnellstraße - S6) to Gloggnitz to Reichenau an der Raxby train: from Vienna (Südbahnhof) via Wiener Neustadt (you have to change the trains) to Puchberg or to Reichenau. Puchberg and Reichenau bus transfer to the mountains (sometimes!!!)

Rack Railway

The rack railway was built between 1985 and 1897. The line is 9.85 km long and climbs 1.218m to its final destination at 1,795m. The line has a rail gauge of 1.000 mm and uses the Abt rack systems. Opertion of the rack railway started in 1897 with coal-powered steam locomotives, which have been in use until 1999. The steam locomotives are still in use for nostalgia trains. In 1999 new diesel operated Multiple Units called Salamander, which meet strict environment protection regulations, have been introduced. After World War II until 1996 the rack railway was operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Since 1997 the rack railway is operated by the Niederösterreichischen Schneebergbahn GmbH (Lower Austrian Schneeberg Railway Company Ltd.) - 50% held by the ÖBB and 50% held by the federal state of Lower Austria

Old Schneeberg train (JUne...old steam locomotive
New Schneeberg train ( diesel MU

Red Tape

More or less the whole area is a water protection area (first Vienna Water Supply)Krummbachgraben (near Kaiserbrunn) strictly no trespassing!!

When To Climb - Winter + Spring

Ski Touring

The steep descents on the north side in springwestward descents: Schneegraben: starts directly at Klosterwappen summitWurzengraben: starts at FischerhütteSalvisgraben: near Schauerstein to DreibrunnekesselHoyosgraben: starts near Vestenkogel to Dreibrunnenkessel Fadengraben: starts near P. 1723 (Fadensteig) In Hoyosgraben (also in Salvisgraben) is a cuesta/cliff (skiing around is usually possible)

Ski Descent - Wurzengraben (Schneeberg)Wurzengraben (Feb. 2008)
Schneeberg - Winter AscentAscent to Fischerhütte
Schauerstein (Schneeberg) - snowcoveredView from Schneegraben to Schauerstein

Info to "Breite Ries": descents from left to right:

summits + huts - greenski descents Schneeberg

Narrndattl Rinne, Privat Ries, Breite Ries, Vestenkogel Ostrinne, Rote Schütt Flanke

Lahning Ries (April 2006)Lahning Ries - April 2006
Skiing Breite Ries in JuneBreite Ries - June 2006

When To Climb - Summer

Climbs on the north side

Schneeberg - BürklesteigBürklesteig

Climbs located in Stadelwandgraben (south side)

(all information in German):

  • Plattensymphonie - first climbed in Aug. 2007
  • Des Kessels neue Kleider - route first climbed in Oct. 2006
  • Neuer Zimmerweg first climb in Stadelwandgraben (first climbed 1906) - "reopened" (cleaned, straightened, bolts etc.) in Oct. 2005
  • Bruderherz - a new route (first climbed in 2004) near Richterkante
  • Richterkante - this climbing route (first climbed in 1929) has been cleaned, straightened in 2002 (also a lot of bolts now)
StadelwandDaham is Daham
Climbing Stadelwand (Schneeberg)Durststrecke + Des Kessels neue Kleider

Huts (+ Camping)

no camp sites - camping is forbidden due to water protectionall huts except Edelweisshütte are closed in winter (on weekends a team of mountain rescue members are at Heinrich Krempel Hütte)

 Edelweißhütte: 1235m (closed in November)Sparbacherhütte: 1248m has been sold and is no longer openboth huts near Losenheim (45 minutes walk) - Edelweißhütte

Edelweisshütte (Schneeberg)Edelweisshütte

Kienthaler Hütte: 1380m usually, open from the beginning of May to end of October on the weekend2,5 - 3 hours from Losenheim, 2,5 hours from Weichtalhaus www.kienthaler.atHeinrich Krempel Hütte: 1561mhut of the Austrian Mountain Rescue (Bergrettung) - the hut is not open to the public (no sleeping facilities, no food - in winter ski tourist may get a hot tea)2 hours from LosenheimThe hut is named after Heinrich Krempel (1880 - 1935) - a cofounder of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service.

Heinrich Krempel Hütte (Schneeberg)Krempelhütte (May)
Heinrich Krempel Hütte (Schneeberg)Krempelhütte (Mar)
The rebuilt KrempelhütteThe rebuilt Krempelhütte

Weichtalhaus: 563m near Reichenau near the road starting point for climbs in the Hö


Fischerhütte: 2049mnear the summit of Kaisersteinopen from beginning of May to end of October1 hour from the top station of the rack railway2,5 hours from Losenheim (on Fadensteig)3,5 hours from Losenheim (via Heinrich Krempel Hütte)Fischerhütte is named after Fischer von Röslerstamm, who wrote the first guidebook of Schneeberg.

Fischerhütte (Schneeberg)Fischerhütte
Fischerhütte (Schneeberg)Fischerhütte

Damböckhaus: 1810m15 minutes from rack railway stationclosed in winter

Damböckhaus (Schneeberg)Damböckhaus

Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben (Friedrich Haller Haus): 1250 mclosed in Winter2 hours from Reichenau3 hours from Kaiserbrunn

Mountain Conditions

Usually the hut wardens give information

Klosterwappen summitKlosterwappen - Summit
built by wind and snow

Links (Webcams) - Books etc.


www.schneeberg.tvseveral Webcams - (from Fischerhütte, Damböckhaus etc.) have a look at the "Touren" section of - sorry only in German.


detailed map online: Austrian Map Online


Skiführer Schneeberg the most comprehensive Alpine Touring Ski Guide Book (by Wolfgang Ladenbauer)



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