Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze

Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.55860°N / 11.80940°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Via Ferrata
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8503 ft / 2592 m
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The Grosse / Gran Cir from... Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze from Passo Gardena
Cir magico81 - Pizzes da Cir from Daunei
Gran Cir Gangolf Haub - the 'back side' of Gran Cir (from Val Chedul)

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Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze Presented

In the southernmost chain of Puez group, starting on the east on Passo Cir / Furcella del Cir, 2469 m, and finishing on the west in Val Gardena near Wolkenstein, the highest summit is an elegant tower, standing just above the very frequented Passo Gardena / Groedner Joch, 2121 m. Due to the fact that the main road ascends so high towards it and that further on the summit a medium hard ferrata helps you, Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze is very frequently visited. So, if you are in that region, looking for an idea where to find a nice, short (3 h) tour, this can be one recommendation.

Besides the normal ascents in the steep rocky walls of Gran Cir / Grosse Cirspitze also some hard climbs can be done. The route of the normal ascent follows the one from the famous J. Santner.

Summit Views

Panorama-Sella group(3152m) turistoalpinista - The view on Sella group
On the summit of Gran Cir /... By the summit cross

The view from the summit is magnificent. On the south, a gigantic colossus of Sella group is rising. It covers almost half of the horiton. During the ascent on Cirspitze you can enjoy observing almost every detail in the northern walls of Sella group. On the SW the mighty Langkofel / Sassolungo attracts all views. Behind it you will recognise also the massif of Sciliar/Schlern. On the northern and eastern side before your eyes the whole Geisler-Puez group can be seen above the plateaus of Gherdenacia and Crespeina.

Routes Overview

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Gran Cir (8503 ft / 2592 m)
Lodewijk - Gran Cir from the SW
The first cable section
eza - The first cable section

Normal ascent

From Passo Gardena / Groedner Joch, 2121m, you go northwards into a ravine and with a help of steel ropes and pegs out of it on a steep roof and over it to the summit. Medium hard ferrata, 1 h 30 min. (Route description)

Harder climbs

I could find only these two routes, please add more!

  • Via Baldessari-Campanelli. (6).
  • Tartarin sur les Alpes. (6+/A2 - free?).

On March 14, 2005 Gangolf Haub adds according to E. A. Striebitz's guidebook: Dolomiten Puez / Peitlerkofel, Rother Verlag, ISBN: 3 7633 1307 9 the following routes:

  • Normal Route. F.A.: J. Santner, G. Merzbacher (1887). Grade I, length 400 m.
  • East wall chimney. F.A. unknown. Grade V, length 200 m.
  • East Face. F.A.: E.E. Striebitz, R. Pollner (1978). Grade V, length 350 m.
  • South-West Face "Via Camerun". F.A.: Glück, Demetz, Camerun (1931). Grades V / A1, length 350 m.
  • Direct Access; Variation of the Normal Route. Grade V
  • Direct South Face. F.A.: P. Pelegrinon, M. Gottardo (??). Grades VI / A, length 160 m.
  • South-Eastern Edge "Via Demetz". F.A.: unknown. Grades V / A1, length: 600 m.
  • Adang Chimney. F.A.: J. Adang, F. Pospischil, A. Rudiferia (1901). Grades unknown - too brittle to climb today...
  • West Face "Herbstführe". F.A.: I. and T. Rabanser (1984). Grade V-, length 280 m.

On March 14, 2005 Lupino lists two more routes:

  • SE edge, Demetz-Groppello route (UIAA V+), 210 meters;
  • S face, Camerun route (UIAA V+), 150 meters.

Getting There

For the broader overview see the pages: Puez-Geisler (Odle) Subgroup and Dolomites.

Passo Gardena / Groedner Joch, 2121 m, can be reached by a good road either from the west (Bolzano/Bozen - Val Gardena / Groedner Tal) or from the east (Corvara).

Red Tape

The summit stands within The Natural Park Puez-Geisler. Parking on Passo Gardena / Groedner Joch is free.

Yarrow (<i>Achillea millefolium</i>?)
Wig Knapweed (<i>Centaurea phrygia</i>)

When To Climb

The best time is summer and autumn. An ascent in winter conditions can be even by the normal route quite hard.

Huts and Camping

No huts and camping needed for the ascent. If you wish to stay in the region, you can find more information on the Puez-Geisler (Odle) Subgroup page.



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