Süphan Dağı (Mount Suphan)

Süphan Dağı (Mount Suphan)

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Location Lat/Lon: 38.92640°N / 42.82750°E
Additional Information Elevation: 13323 ft / 4061 m
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It is an inactive volcano, on the north shore of lake Van. During climbing you can see a marvellous view of Lake Van.
In the summer route is very easy (there is no glacier on the top, just a few small glaciers around crater's slopes), in winter snowfalls reach 3-4m.

Getting There

The best starting point is an Adilcevaz town. You can get there from Tatvan via of Ahlat or from Van via of Ercis. There are 2 possible ways to get the top: southern route starts in Harmantepe village, eastern starts in Aydinlar.
You can take a taxi or dolomus (small bus) from Adilcevaz to Aydinlar or Harmantepe, hitch-hiking is also possible.

Red Tape

You just have to register in gendarmerie's office in Adilcevaz (it is required), there are not any fees.
On Mt. Suphan in the summer there are problems with water during climbing. There are no streams, on the sothern route I found only one, small stream (the same as on camping place photo). There is a plenty of water from small glaciers on the level of crater lakes (you shouldnt take water from lakes because it is contaminated by sheeps).

When To Climb

Best weather to climb is from July to September (it is often good weather season, without snow cover).


Camping is allowed everywhere, but you shold not stand a tent near villages- children are very intrusive. It is rather safe to leave the tent for whole day without any care.

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Tomasz Jazwinski

Tomasz Jazwinski - Oct 23, 2005 5:10 am - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

In June there is much snow, over the height of 3300-3500 m. The climbing in this period is not very difficult, but walking poles, wind protection and especially waterproof shoes are reccomended. In the afternoon snow is very vet, you can meet mud or slush, too.

Tomasz Jazwinski

Tomasz Jazwinski - Oct 23, 2005 7:10 am - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

Massif of Suphan Dagi is rather flat, with many heights, smaller peaks and coombs. Up to about 3000 m there are many paths, made by goats, sheeps and their shepherds. The summit is seldom to see during the climb. So you can have problems to find a right way.

gregort - Feb 16, 2019 6:50 am - Hasn't voted

red tape

Today we were stoped and returned by Jandarma before we even start our ascent to Suphan Dagi. They told us that since 2015 permit and guide is needed to climb the mountain. It is decret of governor of Bitlis province, what was issued after some accident. We had long negotiation with major in Adilcevaz, where jandarma took us, but decision was either payed guide or we cant go. He called to some local guides, but allmost all rejected us, just one was ready to guide us, but he asked 500 USD, what is clearly off our limit.

omerzitelia - Apr 7, 2019 9:15 pm - Hasn't voted

Summit with ski

We have reached the summit on 07th Apr. There are few things: - we were told to register with the local governor at Adilcevaz but it was Saturday so we couldn't. Total climb is 1750m and we managed in 6h and 1h back. We had visibility so we managed to choose the safest route visually. We didn't want a guide so we started early from Aydinlar. This is the usual starting point. Another group started from Armutlu. Our risked more because the Jandarma usually catches people from Aydinlar but if you start very early the can catch you on your way back. We didn't get cough but the locals are in Aydinlar are not friendly. They called the Jandarma. The locals in Armutlu are the opposite - they gave tea to our friends and welcomed them. My suggestion: start very early to avoid Jandarma.

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