Zadni Gierlach (Zadny Gerlachovsky stit)

Zadni Gierlach (Zadny Gerlachovsky stit)

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Location Lat/Lon: 49.16582°N / 20.12790°E
Additional Information Elevation: 8661 ft / 2640 m
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Zadni Gierlach, Tetmajer Pass, Walowy Couloir which leads to it and Gierlach.

slov. Zadny Gerlach; pol.Zadni Gierlach, hung. Roth Samuel csucs; ger. Samuel Roth Spitze -great independent peak in main ridge of Tatra Mountains which belong to Massif of Gierlach. It is situated above Kacza Valley, Batyzowiecka V. and Wielicka V. From Batyzowiecki Szczyt is separated by East Batyzowiecka Pass, from Litworowy Szczyt by Litworowa Pass. Tetmajera Pass separates it from the highest summit of Tatra Mountains – Gierlach which is in gigantic side crest. Tagrana Turnia (Naturfreundturm) is the biggest crag in the lower part of the west ridge of Zadni Gierlach . Northern long ridge has a lot of named rock points by which famous Martin Route (Martinovka) leads. First ascent of Zadni Gierlach was done by Janusz Chmielowski and guide J. Wala in 1985, first winter ascent- G. Hefty and G. Komarnicki in 1913. Zadni Gierlach is climbed only by mountaineers in spite of there is an easy route by Walowy Couloir and Tetmajera Pass from Batyzowieka Valley. During 2nd World War in 1944 there was a disaster of soviet plane under the top of Zadni Gierlach , when 24 people died.

Getting There

To get to the base of summit from the South (main town-Poprad) you should achieve Batyzowiecka Valley or Wielicka Valley (there is most comfortable an asphalt road to Wielicka V. from Tatranska Polianka ) from Vysne Hagy, Taranska Polianka or Danielov Dom) or from the North from Lysa Polana (polish-slov. border) by Biala Voda V. and Kacza V.

Red Tape

According to TANAP rules to climb Zadni Gierlach you should be a member of mountaineer club which belong to UIAA, and you can use the easiest routes only for descending. Tourist have to take a guide to climb unmarked routes. Slovakian guides take care of theirs interests .They even removed chains on the two easiest routes on Gierlach both Wielicka and Batyzowiecka Proba to pay them for leading to then. They would like to take money even from experienced mountaineers if they could. Tourist season begins 16 of Jul and ends 31of Oct

Routes for mountaineers

Degree of avalanche danger


The best place for sleeping is Sliezky Dom in Wielicka V. (1670m) from which one can achieve base of Zadni Gierlach during 1 and 30 min to 2 hours. In Biala Woda V. there is a camp for mountaineers in Polana Pod Wysoka. Good natural places for sleeping are in Batyzowiecka V. but it is forbidden. Even in 1988 there were a door from soviet crashed plane which was used for covering the ideal niche for bivouac.

Hotel Sliezky Dom

Apartament Smoczy Szczyt w Hornym Smokowcu
Apartmán Drači štit w Hornom Smokovci
Apartament Smoczy Szczyt (Draci stit,Dragon s Peak, Drache Spitze)


Symbolic cemetery under Osterwa
Memory plate in memory for causalities of plane disaster during 2nd world war on the symbolic cemetary near Osterwa



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