Dračí štit (Smoczy Szczyt)

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Slovakia, Europe
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Dračí štit (Smoczy Szczyt)
Created On: Dec 4, 2005
Last Edited On: Aug 17, 2012


Smoczy Szczyt (pol.)2523 Dračí štit (slov), Dechyspitze (ger) Dechycsucs
High peak in side ridge beginning in South-East of Wysoka between Rumanowa Valley and Zlomiska Zatoka.

Panorama from Zlomiska Rowien: Wysoka, Smoczy Szczyt, Szarpane Turnie, Ganek and Zlobisty Szczyt.

It is separated by Pass under Smoczy Szczyt from Wysoka and Szarpana Pass from Szarpane Turnie (Osarpance) It has two summits Wielki Smoczy Szczyt(2523m) and Maly Smoczy Szczyt (2518m)
It is accessible only for mountaineers.
In the begging of 20 th century passing Crown of Wysoka -Ciezki Szczyt (Tazky Stit slov.), Two summits of Wysoka(Vysoka slov.) and Smoczy Szczyt pol. (Draci Stit slov.)) was popular route. Shape of the crow is a classic panorama of this wonerful massive from Szczyrbskie jezioro(Strbske pleso slov.)
The easiest descent route leads by Pass under Smoczy Szczyt, but it isn'easy at all. Very exposed chimney from side of Rumanova dolinka looks terribile.Better way is to rappel from main summit(two pitons with sling)almost 25 m to the pass between Wielki and Maly Smoczy Szczyt and then second rappel (slings on tne blocks)from mentioned pass in direction of Zlomiska Zatoka. Then traverse upstairs under Maly Smoczy Szczyt to Przelecz pod Smoczym Szczytem (Horne Dracie Sedlo slov.)Next traverse left by system of ledges to great couloir falling from the pass between two summits of Wysoka (Vysoka) not far above terasse Ławica(Lavica)

Getting There

Two Dragons

The easiest way to get there is to start from train stop "Popradske Pleso"-after 1h and 30 minutes you reach "Popradske Pleso"-the lake and mountain hotel.

Red Tape

According to TANAP rules to climb Smoczy Szczyt you should be a member of mountaineer club which belongs to UIAA

When To Climb

Tourist season begins 16 of Jul and ends 31of Oct. in Slovakia.


Information about Mountain Hotel Popradske Pleso on our portal - summitpost in Menguszowiencka Valley.
Good natural places for sleeping (niches for bivouac) are in Zlomiska Zatoka but it is forbidden

Horsky Hotel Popradske Pleso

Apartament Smoczy Szczyt w Hornym Smokowcu
Apartmán Dračí štit v Hornom Smokovci
Apartament Smoczy Szczyt (Draci stit,Dragon s Peak, Drache Spitze)


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