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Location Lat/Lon: 61.91980°N / 12.87730°E
Additional Information Elevation: 3710 ft / 1131 m
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This old lady stands out from other mountains in the area. It's one of the five highest peaks (hills) in Svealand/Götaland (the entire south), but it's the shape that makes it special. Above the tree line the mountain is pretty flat (like most other mountains in the area), but it's summit rises sharply from the base. From the south the profile is steep(ish), and two peaks can be seen. From the west and the east, Städjan looks like the humps on a camel (but one smaller than the other). From the north she may well be mistaken for an old volcano cone. It's very symmetric from that angle, with steeper sides near the top and a flat part right at the summit. This is just a short and easy trek (for fit people) in the summer. And a nice daytrip on skis in the winter (if the weather is good).

Städjan is part of a small group (13*10 km, 10 hills/mountains) near the small town of Idre in the northernmost part of Dalarna Province, Sweden. Other mountains in the group have a more typical topography for the region (flat top, steep sides). The highest peak, Molnet (3907 ft/1191 m) is part of Nipfjället. Other named mountains/hills in the group: Slagåbäcksstöten (1101 m), Fjätervålen (1001 m), Lillnipen (1100 m), Gränjesåsen, Ulandshögen, Hemmeråsen/Himmeråsen (869 m), Gränjesvålen/Gränjåsvålen (891 m), Svartfjället, Uggen.

Getting There and to the top

Option 1: From the south (national highway 70) turn right onto highway 311 about 14 km before Idre. Turn right after 7 km (Yellow signs say 'Idre Fjäll, Gränjesåsvallen). After another 7 km you reach the hamlet Gränjesåsvallen (speed limit 30 km/h). Turn right to the Städjan parking (the sign is hard to see but there are only two roads to the right in the village/hamlet). From the parking (2263 ft/ 690 m), walk east for 50 meters, then left onto the path marked with red crosses. A trail takes you above the treeline (in 30 minutes). In the summer you'll see two paths to the top. One between the 'hump' to a saddle point between the two summits, and one along the south ridge to the smaller souther top, and saddle point. From there a path gets you to the top in 10 minutes (in good conditions). The whole trek from the trailhead takes around one hour in the summer and fall. More adventurous routes are possible on the north face and the east and west faces of the higher north summit. There is some exposure, and hard/icy snow would be dangerous without some appropriate equipment (on the steeper faces near the main summit).

Option 2: Turn right from highway 70, as in option 1, but keep driving past the turn-off to Idre Fjäll (7 kms). Turn left after another 3 kms to Foskdalsvallen (3 kms). From the traihead at 660 meters you can either follow the main trail marked with red crosses to Rydbäckskojan (2 kms), or find your own way through the forest toward the top (3-5 kms) if you're more adventurous. There is also an unmarked trail to Städjan near the bridge in Foskdalsvallen (may be hard to find). Getting to the summit will take 2-4 hours.

In winter, telemark skis or alpine touring skis are recommended (and skins). Snowboard and snow shoes is an other option (if the snow is har and cold you can skip the snow shoes).

Red Tape

Städjan is part of a nature reserve and Natura 2000 area (Städjan-Nipfjället Nature Reserve ), but there are no fees or permits required. Parking is free.

When To Climb

You can get to the top easily in most conditions, but there are some exceptions. Rotten snow may be a problem in April through May. Loose deep snow may be a problem in November to January before the track is used by more people (mostly below the treeline). It's easy to get lost in low visibility (unless you're near the summit).


Camping is not allowed in this Nature Reserve. There is an open hut for emergencies (and day trips) in the Foskdalen valley just east of the mountain.

Lodging is available at The Idre Fjäll ski resort or at Gränjesåsvallen (private cabins).

Mountain Conditions

Idre Fjäll and Fjätervålen are ski resorts near the mountains. You'll find weather and snow conditions here (in December to April): Weather: Idre Fjäll


Brown bear, wolf, lynx, and moose can be seen with some (or a lot of) luck. Reindeer (not wild) are kept in the area by the southernmost Sami village.

Miscellaneous Info

Links: More photos of Städjan Älvdalen Municipalty (official site)

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The detail is from the northern part of the nature reserve. Do you have a link to the southern part, where Städjan is?


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Latitude: 61.98
Longitude: 12.843
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The detail is from the northern part of the nature reserve. Do you have a link to the southern part, where Städjan is?

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