Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.89861°N / 8.45833°E
Additional Information County: Central Switzerland
Activities Activities: Mixed
Seasons Season: Spring
Additional Information Elevation: 7887 ft / 2404 m
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Located in central Switzerland, south of Lucerne, Brisen is a very popular hiker's mountain, climbed in all seasons, but only by local mountaineers. It seems, that only locals climb it. It has some nice features: you can reach the mountain from four different sides, also with skis, with beginners, in one day or two days, wonderful flowers, excellent view to the lakes in the north or the glaciers in the south. If you are on top and still in the mood to climb more, why not traverse and have an easy rock climb (III) to the neighbor Hoh Brisen (2413 m).

Here are some ways to reach the top:

1. From west. The lazy climber can take a chair lift (only Saturday/Sunday) to Haldigrat (1937 m) and climb the west ridge (short rope needed only for inexperienced kids). Very popular in summer. 1.5 hours.

2. From south. Walk from Oberrickenbach to Haldigrat and joint route 1. Rarely done. 3-4 hours.

3. From Brisen hut (1753 m). Head towards Glatt Grat. 100 m below the ridge turn right (yellow sign) and alway walk slightly upwards around the north part of the hill and head for Steinalperjoch (2157 m). Climb 150m the NE ridge of Brisen, traverse its east flank and climb the saddle between Brisen and Hoh Brisen. In winter, the skis are usually left there. Another 30 minutes and you reach the top. 2-3 hours from Brisen hut.

Steinalperjoch can also be reached from Glatt Grat (only in summer) or directly from Oberrickenbach (halfway no trail, but easy).

4. From Gitschenen (1530m), follow the bottom of the valley and head for the saddle between Brisen and Hoh Brisen. 3 hours. Excellent ski tour.

5. Special ski trip. Drive with your car from Beckenried to Steinstössi (1243 m). Walk up to Stafel (1532 m). If you are late in the morning take the skilift to Chälen or walk all the way to Hinter Jochli (2105 m). Ski down to Ober Bolgen - Unter Bolgen towards Gitschenen. At Geissboden (1606 m) you reach the track of route 4. 4 hours. In case of snow down to the lake: take the cable car from Beckenried to Klewenalp and ski down to Stafel.

Ski down to Steinalperjoch (2157m), than enjoy the NW-slope as far as ca. 1700 m, then turn right below the Zwelfer to Morschfeldboden and get to the saddle called Bärenfallen (1580m) and ski down to your car. Or: when there is much snow in the valley, you would ski down as far as Beckenried. One full day.

Brisen is climbed in all seasons. Avalanches are possible on the slope below Steinalperjoch after heavy snowfall and increasing temperature.

Map: Beckenried, Blatt 1171, 1:25'000
Literature. SAC: Zentralschweizerische Voralpen.

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Getting There

Starting points:

Gitschenen (1530 m). Leave the autobahn at Flüelen/Altdorf and drive to Seedorf - Isenthal (771 m). 3 km behind this village, there is a cable car to Gitschenen. Accommodation in Isenthal and Gitschenen.

Brisen hut (Brisenhaus 1753 m).
1. Leave the autobahn at Stans east, take the road towards Engelberg. Behind Dalllenwil turn left to the parking place of the cable car for Niederrickenbach (also called Maria-Rickenbach). From Niederrickenbach (1158 m) walk in 1.5 hours to the Brisenhaus.
2. Leave the autobahn at Beckenried. Take the cable car to Klewenalp (1593m). Via Stafel (1532 m) and Satteli (1757) you reach the hut in 1-2 hours.

Haldigrat (1973 m). From Niederrickenbach walk in 20 minutes to the cable car to Haldigrat. Only on weekdays. No accommodation, but restaurant.

Gitschenen and Niederrickenbach can also be reached by bus und railroad.
Beckenried is connected with boat to Lucerne and bus to Stans.

The cable cars of Gitschenen and Niederrickenbach cost less than the one of Klewenalp. Klewenalp is a ski-resort with lifts.

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Not in the mountains, but plenty of camping places along the Lake of Lucerne.

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