Monte Barro

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 45.82928°N / 9.38026°E
Additional Information County: Lombardia
Activities Activities: Hiking, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3025 ft / 922 m
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The Como lake (Lario) lies in the central part of Lombardia dividing the Western range of the Alps from the Eastern one.
This lake itself is divided into 2 branches by the "Triangolo Lariano", a kind of big peninsula that creates the Como branch (West) and the Lecco branch (East), this last branch ends in a strange way against a mountain : the Monte Barro that, even if not so high (less than 1000m) has however a prominence of more than 700m on the 3 main sides (E-N-W) and only 550m on the 4th one (S).

When driving on the highway 36 of Spluga pass ...
  • coming from Milan toward Lecco, once arrived below the steep slopes of Cornizzolo (digged by big quarries) after a bend to the right, the road borders the Annone lake then enters a long tunnel under a mountain : you're crossing the Monte Barro.
  • coming from Valtellina toward Lecco, at a certain point you can see a big triangular mountain that looks like rising from the water .. that is !

    But when you see too many times a thing you don't mind at it, so can be strange starting to think at it as a real (low but not small) mountain.

    Monte Barro is a wild mountain which rises from the plain between Lecco (E) and Valmadrera and Civate (W), and is the border of the Lake of Garlate (E) and the one of Annone (W).
    The southern side ends on the saddle of Galbiate wherefrom, to South, starts the ridge of Monte Brianza.
    Monte Barro
    Monte Barro
    Monte Barro E side
    Monte Barro

    The lower part of this mountain is covered by somewhere steep woods (on the N side some old abandoned quarries are now used for sport climbing), the high parts are mostly really steep and rocky (Dolomia principale) and the paths that cross the whole area give the only safe walk in it.
    This mountain, due to its strategic positioning, hosts some important ancient ruins (the Goti had a base here) and has recently become a Park.

    Getting There

    The approach to this mountain can be done from all its sides:

  • East - from Pescate (W border of Garlate lake) to Pian Sciresa (Cherry plain)

  • North - from Valmadrera - to Pian Sciresa or the roads leading to the old quarries (good only to arrive to the sport climbing areas)

  • West - from Scarena up to Zucco di Buffalora (near the Piani di Barra - Gothic ruins)

  • South - from Galbiate - best solution - a road can let you save some difference in elevation to get the normal route (passing near the Eremo) or the S ridge path (from the road to S.Alessandro)

  • What to do ....

  • If you don't like to walk too much drive up to Eremo (~700m) and enjoy the last hour walking along a panoramic path on the W ridge up to the rocky summit - coming down (- compulsory) near the Alpini memorial a narrow steep road leeds down to the Gothic ruins.

  • if you like walking on the ridges from Galbiate choose the road tp S.Alessandro, park the car and start walking along the "via dell'Oliva" to get the path 307 to follow to arrive to the path 305 (ridge path) - short very easy scramble in the last part ... caution if iced or after a big snowfall.

    Coming down should be done retracing your steps.

    Don't (don't) try to find shortcuts, this mountain has many tricky points.
    Monte Barro
    Monte Barro

    and, of course

    due to its position you're going to enjoy special panos ...