Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 39.96530°N / 115.5614°W
Additional Information County: White Pine
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 9307 ft / 2837 m
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This is a seldom visited peak by peakbaggers  and is located in east central Nevada. We found only a few names of peakbaggers in the register that is found on the summit of this peak and we were only the 5th & 6th climbers since 2006.  Far from any town or major roads, it is an adventure in itself just to get into position to be able to climb this one.  Even though  there is a road goes almost to the top to service a communications structure located near  the summit, others have found  that  the road is off limits and can only be used by those with authorization.  It is easily hiked if you have a high clearance 4WD vehicle from the north side of the mountain.  The reason for putting this page up on Summitpost is that there is very little information to be found on this mountain and how to access it other than what has recently been posted on  It is also one of Nevada's prominence peaks with over 2500' of prominence and comes in at #100 on the prominence list. 

Please be aware that the information provided here is done so only as a service and if you attempt to get to the area and the summit, you do so at your own risk.  Be sure your vehicle is in good condition, your tank is full of gas,  you have plenty of water and food on hand in case of emergency and that cell phones are not dependable for coverage in this  remote area.  Let someone know where you are headed and do not attempt the roads in rainy weather as the roads can become impassable.  The Barrick Mine runs a major operation on the south side of this mountain so be aware that the big trucks they use may very well be on the road(s) you utilize to get you to the Overland pass road.

Getting There

From the south:  From Highway 50 turn  north on Nevada road  892 and drive for 35.6 miles almost to the end of pavement and a junction with a gravel road signed for Barrick Bald Mountain Mine and the Warm Springs Ranch , turn right and follow
this well graded gravel and dirt road with a couple left hand curves for 9.2 miles to another junction. Turn left (straight takes you to the mine property), head north on a wide, well graded dirt road, drive for 5.3 miles to a junction with a gravel road marked with a small BLM marker with "XP" on it, turn right. This is the Overland Pass road, follow this road for about 4.3 miles to a high clearance road off to theright at 40.00967N, 11560799W, elevation 6500ft. Take this road south for 2.5 miles to a 4wd road at 7100ft, 39.98251N,115.58765W. Head east along the north side of Big Bald Mtn, this road is a 2 track overgrown
with grass and brush in many areas. You could stop at many places along this jeep track and just head for the summit but if you continue on to a saddle, you'll find a road that heads south towards a good parking spot that is located less than a mile from the summit and with less than a thousand feet of elevation gain to do.  Roads via this route to Overland Pass are suitable for most low clearance vehicles. 
Alternative:  If you miss the turn off for the Barrick Mine, you could continue north on road 892 (it will turn to a dirt / gravel road just beyond the Barrick Mine - Warm Springs Ranch junction and becomes road 1 on the Benchmark mapbook) and proceed north for almost another 5 3/4 miles, watching for a BLM sign that is signed for the Pony Express and Overland Pass.  Take this road (has a couple dust areas) as it angles NE to the junction with the Barrick Mine road. Cross over the Mine road and head for Overland pass and the turnoff at 6500' as mentioned earlier. 

From the north:  Head south from Elko on Hwy 227 and then south on Hwy 228. On paved highway, it is roughly about 32 miles to reach Jiggs, a wide spot in the road with a bar and gathering place for the locals  and continued south
a few more miles (about 3) where you turn right on a  wide gravel road that continues south on NV road 719 towards the Bald Mtn Gold Mine.  (Note:The paved road continues to Harrison Pass)   Stay on this good road  slowing down several times as we passed through some ranches and then you'll eventually see a few signs for the Barrick Mine. Stay on this road all the way to the junction that heads for Overland pass, roughly 28-30 miles from the junction with highway 228.

Benchmark has a great map book and I highly recommend that you utilize and don't completely trust the above directions as roads are prone to change and the more information and maps and waypoints you have with you, the less apt you are to take a wrong turn and get lost.  I will endeavor to add a map that has some of the waypoints I used and also suggest that you check out the trip reports on peakbagger by Brad Boester and Dennis Poulin.  You will find that much of the directions posted from the south were utilized from Brad's fine trip report.  Dennis and I came in from the north and actually utilized the Pony Express trail road that is shown on the Benchmark map.

2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainOur trailhead (arrow) 
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainHeading up
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald Mountain Close to the top


If you make your way to the trail head we used, it is a relatively simple matter of heading up the slope, keeping to the right until you can head directly for the summit.  You will be able to see the communications structure and use that for a guide.  We found it to be less than 3/4th's  of a mile and less  than a thousand feet of elevation gain which we easily covered in less than an hour. 

Dennis Poulin posted our GPS route map at and it can be found at this LINK.

2013 in Nevada - Big Bald Mountain The mine
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainBenchmark 
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainRegister 

Red Tape

As far as we could tell, our roads and route were mostly on BLM land.  We did not encounter any postings indicating otherwise nor any no trespassing signage. 

2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainLooking north 
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainCommunication facility
2013 in Nevada - Big Bald MountainHeading down

When to Climb / Weather

Its probable that you could climb this peak almost any time of the year although rain or snow would be best avoided.  This is a truly isolated peak despite the fact that there is a major league mining operation occuring on the south side of the mountain. 

Find more about Weather in Eureka, NV
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Find more about Weather in Eureka, NV
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Camping / Warning

No regular campgrounds in this area but we did find a spot or  two off of the road that worked well for car camping. 


Be aware that this peak is a good distance from any gas station so be sure to fuel up in Eureka or Ely. Also, leave information with others about where you are going and when you will be back. Cell coverage is spotty at best and even though there is a big mine operation near the peak, you are pretty much on your own in this part of Nevada. A vehicle in good condition with high clearance is a must. Road conditions can chane with the weather so avoid this area in bad weather.

External Links

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I will also be working on pages for High Bald, Butte Peak and Egan in the near future.  Check if you need information on either one of these peaks. 


As road conditions can change and hiking or traveling in this type of country can be inherently dangerous, the above information is provided only as a courtesy. You accept all risk and responsibility for your activities in this area and I recommend that you let others know of your plans and where you will be hiking/climbing prior to heading to this area. Be self sufficient and carry plenty of food, water and shelter in the event of a breakdown. Good quality tires are a necessity on the rough and rocky roads you will encounter as is a vehicle in good condition. Having said all that, have a good trip and please let the author of this page know of changes that you encounter.