Mountains above Velka studena valley

The winter evening view deep into the Velka Studena valley seen from the entry of the Mala studena valley from altitude of approx. 1370 m:

1 - Veverka's waterfall (in winter Veverka's icefall)
2 - Svistovy stit (2383 m)
3 - Diva veza (Wild tower) - (2373 m)
4 - Vychodna Vysoka (2428 m)
5 - Vychodna Slavkovska veza (2358 m)
6 - Slavkovska kopa (2346 m)
7 - Slavkovsky stit (2452 m)
8 - Slavkovsky Nos (2284 m)

There are two hiking marked trails within this picture. Marked trail to the summit of Slavkovsky stit leads through the horizontal ridge of Slavkovsky Nos. The other goes through the whole valley alongside Zbojnicka chalet (1960 m) to the saddle Prielom (2288 m) between Diva veza (number 3 in this picture) and Vychodna Vysoka (number 4 in this picture). Then the trails goes to Bielovodska valley and to the saddle Polsky hreben (2200 m), from where you may ascend Vychodna Vysoka.

Author: Julia Kristoforyova

The date of the photo: 29th december 2006.


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