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Location Lat/Lon: 46.20280°N / 121.4894°W
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jun 8, 2003
Trip Title: Mt. Adams Author lee coutermarsh Date June 08, 2003 Days 2 Rating Great Difficulty Moderate GuideBook beckey brown Weather perfect TrailConditions buried Owned By climbing RowId 171 Mountain Elevation Summitted Adams, Mount 12276 true Report Hooked up with Jason G, and Richard Fournier for a climb of Adams South this weekend. Richard is the French guy here on vacation and posted on the WAC e-mail list awhile back. Jason is a fine lad from Scotland, and I bumped into Wolfgang and ursula about 11,000 ft. So it was an international kinda trip. While picking up our volcano permits were told that the road was only open to morrison CG. That would add on a 3 mile rd trip to the normal TH. Not to bad IF it wasn't 90 degrees and walking in plastic boots! But made it up to the lunch counter (9,000 ft) with the rest of the crowd's and realized that spending the last few weeks in Daytona/disney and getting no more of a workout than lifting my credit card would prove to take its toll. Plenty of bivvy/rock wall spots open for the taking. Finally getting there was nice and after setting camp,chowing,etc... settled in for cocktails. We agreed for an early start and 3 a.m. At some point in the night the wind really picked up. I was bunking in richard's tent and heard his alarm go off. He made a good attempt to start getting ready untill he stuck his head out into that icy wind. Than quickly jumped back into his bag. I was laying there chuckling and didn't know the words in French I was thinking. I gave it about half hour and then got up myself and woke up Jason in his bivvy sack, then Richard got up as well. The climb is straightforward and up a steep climb of perhaps 35 degree's and 2,000 ft? Then you realize you have a bit (lotta) further to go but one more pitch up and top out at 12,276 ft. It was an awesome clear morning and could see Hood, Jefferson, bachelor and St. Helens very well. Then over the ridge looking north Rainier dominated the sky but the wind was so fierce you could not stand there long. I was rather disapointed in the view though. Ok on our way down. A bit trickey for me as I had went ultralight and didn't bring crampons and actually didn't bring much more than what was needed. No problems though as there was a good boot path and even in the rock hard ice/steep spots I had enough for edging. Ran into Wolfgang and ursula B. of the WAC just before going down over the steep pitch. It is always a pleasure to run into folks from the club. Couldn't chit chat long as I took off my sunglasses and the wind so fierce ripped em off my rope thingys and over the edge. I attempted to catch them but realized they would probably land in Portland. But as I said my goodbye's and headed down I found them in a hole. It was steep, and rock hard ice here and was wishing for the first time I had my crampons. But took my time untill the snow softened and I kept eyeing the glissade track and finally said to hell with it and let loose. The glissading on this pitch is legendary and in soft snow 2,000 ft and more like a bobsled run. There were hordes going up and enjoying this show. Then the long slog out. Reaching the TH and Jason's truck we had the pleasure of seeing this tow truck trying to sqeeze by and an inch away. But better yet earlier they couldn't get by so they jacked his truck up and kept pushing it over to move it sideways!! They got by, then got stuck in a bit of snow and slid sideways and into a blue ford escort. Caved in the side of the car in the process. So Wolfgang/ursula if this may be your car give me a shout as we took down there #. A great weekend indeed and with great company.


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