Mt Adams

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Mt Adams
Created On: Aug 4, 2009
Last Edited On: Aug 4, 2009

Mt Adams 2009 Climb

Started hiking Trail 183 Friday July 17th at 3pm and made it to the Lunch Counter @9100 feet at 8:15pm. Got up at 6am the next morning and started heading to the summit. I made it to the top at 10:30am, hung out for an hour and then started heading down. Ate lunch at my camp on the Lunch counter, packed up my gear and started down to the Campground. It was the longest trek of my life. I finally made it to the campground at 4pm. I ran out of water an hour before that and a group of hikers were really awesome and hooked me up. One of the best hikes I've taken so far. Only two disappointing things happened on the trip. My purifier broke right when I reaching the lunch counter and I had to drink silty glacier water from then on and the last thing was my choice of socks. DON'T HIKE IN COTTON SOCKS. They gave me blisters the size of quarters on both heals. Even with a couple of mishaps I was very pleased with my hike of the tallest Mountain to date.


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Mt Adams

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