Mt. Colden Loop from Adirondack LOJ

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Mt. Colden Loop from Adirondack LOJ
Created On: Jan 21, 2003
Last Edited On: Jan 22, 2003


From Lake Placid, take Rt. 73 east out of town to the Adirondack LOJ Road about 2 miles past the ski jumps. Turn left and folow the road to it's end at the Adirondack LOJ

Route Description

This route is fairly typical of "High Peaks" hiking in that portions of several trails are used to make up the hike. A more thorough description of ths hike (with photos) can be found Here

Sign in to the register at the rear of the “Hiker parking lot” at Adirondack LOJ and head down the trail to Marcy Dam. At about 1 mile down the trail, a junction is reached with the trail to Algonquin. Stay to the left and follow the trail signs to Marcy Dam, which is reached about 1.3 miles later.

Once you reached Marcy Dam sign in at the second trail register and move along the water for just a bit before turning left on the VanHovenberg Trail. At about 100 yds past the register, you come to a trail junction (on the right) that is Avalanche Pass Trail and you will head out that way. Another 1.1 miles, and you’ll pass over Marcy Brook (which has been to your right up till this point) and reach the Lean-to at Avalanche Camp. Right in front of the lean-to, you will see the Feldspar Brook Trail junction that heads left off the Avalanche Pass Trail. Take the left onto the trail.

The next 1.5 miles will take you up to Lake Arnold. The only thing to watch for is a trail (Indian Pass/Crossover Trail) that comes in from the left about 1 mile past Avalanche Camp. Just stay to the right (signs are posted that will direct you toward Lake Arnold). After 1.5 miles you’ll reach Lake Arnold after having gained about 1200" since Avalanche Camp.

At Lake Arnold, you’ll find the L. Morgan Porter Trail junction (on the right) that will lead you to the summit. At 1 mile past Lake Arnold you’ll come up on what is referred to as the “North Summit” It actually a false summit at about 4530” well short and below the real summit that is still a ways off. From there it is an easy traverse over to the actual summit.

To Desend

At some arbitrary point on the summit, the Porter trail becomes the “Lake Colden to Mt. Colden Trail”. Once you continue steeply off this summit area, you will descend back into the trees. The next 1.4 miles will take you the rest of the way down to Lake Colden. It is a very steep trail that will descend about 2000’ in 1.6 miles. At the bottom you’ll hit the Avalanche Pass Trail again at the shores of Lake Colden. Make a right at the trail junction and follow the trail along the lake. This trail will continue, with a few twists and turns past Lake Colden and over to Avalanche Lake (follow the signs).

Once past the lake, the trail will continue, fairly typically through the woods until you reach Avalanche Camp that you passed by earlier. From there, follow the reverse trail from the morning and head out past Marcy Dam and back to the LOJ.

Hike totals: 14.8 miles with ~3800 vertical feet

Essential Gear

Traditional Day Pack with normal gear. Plenty of water along the trail, just be sure to bring a filter or tablets, as NO water in the Adirondacks is safe unless treated.

In Winter, and this hike is popular in winter, Snowshoes (With agressive crampons) are a must. Crampons may be helpful as rim ice can accumulate, particularly in the Deep Winter months.

Miscellaneous Info

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