Mt. Cutler Trail

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 38.78780°N / 104.8774°W
Route Type: Walk-Up
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: Class I


Follow directions on the Mt. Cutler Main Page for the trailhead on North Cheyenne Canyon Road.

Route Description

Essentially, you start at the base of the trail and follow it to the top. It can be a little confusing when you reach the saddle between the true summit and what I like to call the Mt. Cutler Spur. Here the trail forks. The summit is to the left (west) and the spur is to the right (east.) The summit provides good views of surrounding peaks, but the best views are from the spur. There are multiple trail branches that go to the right, but you want to head down before you head up. At the base of the spur is a huge white quartz boulder. When you reach this, start up the slope to the east and you will reach the spur. This is where the views will blow you away. Keep a tight rein on kids and dogs, as the spur is a bit narrow and drops off quickly in some spots. I have not done a sunrise hike yet on Cutler, but this has to be a great place in the earlybrite.

Essential Gear

Good hiking shoes, sunscreen and water. Food if needed. BRING YOUR CAMERA!

Miscellaneous Info

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