Mt. Goode from the summit of...

Mt. Goode from the summit of Mt. Buckner on July 12, 2003.


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Klenke - Sep 13, 2003 7:00 pm - Voted 10/10

Nice photos

Nice photos, Bob. And it was no problem picking you out in the summit group shot. The typewriter case was a dead giveaway.

Question: do you use some sort of color filter on your camera? Your mountain photos tend to have a grayer look to them, something that never seems to jive with my memory or my own pictures. Example:

Your Picture of Goode from Sahale

My Picture of Goode from Sahale

Saw John Roper for the first time on Wednesday at a slide show we both attended. So he's sitting there and I'm wondering if that is Bob Bolton because he's got this gray hair and beard. Well, a little while later there's a raffle and the MC asks the special guy in attendance up front to draw a ticket number out of the hat. The MC announces it is John Roper. He looks about the same age as you. Sadly, I did not get a chance to introduce myself.

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Sep 13, 2003 8:31 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice photos

Thanks Paul! That's interesting. I've always thought that your pix were somewhat reddish, which never jived with my memory or my slides. The only filter I use is a UV-haze filter. My film scanner tends to produce a rather serious magenta shift, so I have to purposely adjust them to more look like the original slide. The natural reds in the rocks are very subtle for me, and since I tend to prefer the rocks to look a little more gray, sometimes I over-adjust a bit while getting rid of the magenta shift. Do you scan prints or slides or negatives? BTW, that's the smaller of my two typewriter cases - I don't use the big one on climbs.

Interesting that you saw John R, and too bad you couldn't have met him. He's drjwr here, but he doesn't participate unfortunately. He's 58 I believe, so a couple of years older than me. But there's no similarity between us as regards our comparative climbing accomlishments! He's a reluctant legend in his own time IMO.


Tom Kenney

Tom Kenney - Nov 19, 2003 3:07 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: Nice photos - color diffs

Great shot!

The color differences could also be attributed to the kind of film and paper used. Kodak leans to the yellow/red side, while Fuji leans to the blue side. Mixing two brands (Fuji film with Kodak paper, for instance) can cancel these effects. Also, having a processor you trust is very helpful. I've had best results using Fuji Provia slide film, and either scanning directly or printing to Kodak paper (when I'm not using digital).

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Nov 19, 2003 8:26 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice photos - color diffs

Thanks Tom!

I use Provia exclusively now, which may be why that magenta shift I mentioned is so pronounced. I have a rather ancient Minolta Dimâge Scan Dual film scanner that I bought in '98. I want to upgrade to a newer scanner with better dynamic range characteristics, but I'm having trouble justifying the purchase. I rarely scan a print.


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