Mt Lincoln- peak three of the decalibron

Mt Lincoln- peak three of the decalibron

Page Type: Trip Report
Lat/Lon: 39.35140°N / 106.1108°W
Date Climbed/Hiked: Sep 18, 2004
Mt Lincoln
From Mt Cameron via Mt Democrat
Saturday September 18, 2004

I had first reached the summits of Mt Democrat from Kite Lake and then across the saddle to Mt Cameron. Looking across the saddle between Mt Cameron I could see people on the summit of Mt Lincoln and also people making their way back across and heading over to Mt Bross. The weather remained absolutely ideal with blues skies, warm temps, and just a slight breeze from the west.

I began across the rounded summit of Mt Cameron and followed one of several trails leading from Cameron to Lincoln. The trail goes down to a spot where it forks in two directions; one going to Mt Lincoln and the other going to Mt Bross. I turned left and the trail continued down for a short ways and then levels-out where it then proceeds to the summit ridge.

The terrain is mostly loose scree with a well traveled trail very well defined going up onto a rather large hump where the trail then goes to the left side of the summit ridge and soon gives way to a firm rocky trail for the remaining climb up across a narrow trail and on to the summit itself. The entire hike from the Mt Cameron summit took about 20 mins and with Mt Lincoln being the highest of the 14’ers in this area the views were very impressive , particularly when looking to my immediate left to Quandary Peak and when I looked back across Mt Cameron and over to Mt Democrat,

I was greeted by two other people, found and signed the summit log, took some photos, and a brief rest as I only stayed about 15 mins and then began the climb back down on my way to Mt Bross next. My 7th 14’er……….sweet!!


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