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United States, North America
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This is a list of all of my successful summits.

Total Summits: 291
Ranked Summits: 163
Unranked Summits: 128
Non-Summits: 13

Most recent summit: Mineral Hill, Point 10450 (12/30)

My Summits

Summit Elevation State Repeats High Point? Ranked?
Mt Massive 14,421ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Harvard 14,420ft CO 0 County Y
Blanca Peak 14,345ft CO 0 County (x2) Y
**Huerfano CoHP 14,336ft CO 0 County N
La Plata 14,336ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Lincoln 14,286ft CO 0 County Y
Torreys Peak 14,270ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Antero 14,269ft CO 0 N Y
Grays Peak 14,267ft CO 0 County (x2) Y
Quandary Peak 14,265ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Evans 14,264ft CO 0 N Y
West Evans 14,256ft CO 0 N N
Mt Cameron 14,238ft CO 0 N N
Mt Shavano 14,229ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Belford 14,197ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Princeton 14,197ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Bross 14,172ft CO 0 N Y
Kit Carson Mountain 14,165ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Oxford 14,153ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Democrat 14,148ft CO 0 N Y
Pikes Peak 14,110ft CO 0 County Y
Mt Eolus 14,083ft CO 0 County Y
Windom Peak 14,082ft CO 0 N Y
Challenger Point 14,081ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Columbia 14,073ft CO 0 N Y
Missouri Mt 14,067ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Bierstadt 14,060ft CO 1 N Y
Sunlight Peak 14,059ft CO 0 N Y
Handies Peak 14,048ft CO 0 N Y
Culebra Peak 14,047ft CO 0 N Y
North Eolus 14,039ft CO 0 N N
Little Bear Peak 14,037ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Sherman 14,036ft CO 0 N Y
Redcloud Peak 14,034ft CO 0 N Y
Wilson Peak 14,017ft CO 0 County Y
San Luis Peak 14,014ft CO 0 N Y
Mt of the Holy Cross 14,005ft CO 0 County Y
Sunshine Peak 14,001ft CO 0 N Y
Mauna Kea 13,796ft HI 0 State Y
Grand Teton 13,770ft WY 0 County Y
Bald Mountain 13,684ft CO 0 N Y
The Sawtooth 13,620ft CO 0 N N
Little Pikes 13,363ft CO 0 N N
Mt Sniktau 13,234ft CO 0 N Y
Wheeler Peak 13,161ft NM 0 State Y
Mount Walter 13,133ft NM 0 N N
Devils Playground 13,070ft CO 0 County N
Lake Fork Peak 12,881ft NM 0 N Y
Point 12819 12,819ft NM 0 N Y
Humphreys Peak 12,633ft AZ 0 State Y
Santa Fe Baldy 12,622ft NM 0 County Y
Sentinel Point 12,527ft CO 0 N S
Lake Peak 12,409ft NM 0 N Y
Almagre Mt 12,367ft CO 0 N Y
Almagre Mt South 12,349ft CO 0 N Y
Sierra Blanca Peak 11,973ft NM 0 County Y
Elk Mountain 11,661ft NM 0 County Y
Lookout Mountain 11,580ft NM 0 County Y
Mt Rosa 11,499ft CO 1 N Y
Mt Taylor 11,301ft NM 0 County Y
La Mosca Lookout 11,036ft NM 0 N Y
Mt Garfield 10,940ft CO 0 N Y
Mineral Hill 10,890ft CO 0 N Y
Wichita Mountain 10,855ft CO 0 N Y
Point 10822 10,822ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Arthur 10,807ft CO 0 N N
Swan Mountain 10,796ft CO 0 N Y
South Baldy 10,783ft NM 0 County Y
Cameron Cone 10,707ft CO 0 N Y
Prarie Mountain 10,686ft CO 0 N Y
Sandia Peak 10,678ft NM 2 County Y
Timber Peak 10,510ft NM 0 N Y
Mount Royal 10,502ft CO 1 N N
Point 10450 10,450ft CO 0 N Y
North Sandia Peak 10,447ft NM 1 N N
The Needle 10,260ft NM 4 N Y
Point 10260 10,260ft CO 0 N Y
Mount Washburn 10,243ft WY 0 N Y
Cerro Grande 10,170ft NM 0 N Y
The Thumb 10,107ft NM 0 N Y
Tenney Crags 10,099ft CO 0 N N
Manzano Peak 10,098ft NM 0 County Y
Mount Glory 10,086ft WY 0 N Y
Mount San Antonio 10,064ft CA 0 County Y
Point 10062 10,062ft CO 0 N Y
Point 10057 10,057ft NM 0 N Y
Haleakala 10,023ft HI 1 County Y
Gallo Peak 10,003ft NM 0 N Y
North Baldy 9,858ft NM 0 N Y
Cookstove Mt 9,782ft CO 0 N N
South Sandia Peak 9,782ft NM 0 N Y
Ormes Peak 9,727ft CO 0 N Y
St Peter's Dome 9,720ft CO 2 N N
Point 9627 9,627ft NM 0 N Y
Bosque Peak 9,610ft NM 0 N Y
Point 9579 9,579ft NM 0 N Y
Mount Harwood 9,552ft CA 0 N N
Mosca Peak 9,509ft NM 0 N Y
Mt Kineo 9,479ft CO 0 N Y
Signal Butte 9,459ft CO 0 N Y
Mt Manitou 9,450ft CO 0 N Y
Green Mountain 9,418ft CO 0 N Y
Eagles Peak 9,368ft CO 0 N N
Capilla Peak 9,368ft NM 0 N Y
Osha Peak 9,313ft NM 0 N Y
Rocky Moutain 9,250ft CO 5 N N
Ladrones Benchmark 9,210ft NM 0 N Y
Mount Herman 9,053ft CO 0 N Y
**Valencia CoHP 8,980ft NM 0 County N
Capulin Peak 8,929ft NM 1 N N
Placer Mountain 8,897ft NM 0 N Y
Half Dome 8,840ft CA 0 N Y
Tecolote Peak 8,835ft NM 1 N N
Magog Rock 8,820ft CO 0 N N
Guadalupe Peak 8,749ft TX 0 State Y
Sierra Grande 8,720ft NM 0 County Y
High Dune 8,691ft CO 0 N Y
Palomas Peak 8,685ft NM 1 N Y
Lake Fork Mesa 8,620ft NM 0 N N
Saint Peters Dome 8,463ft NM 0 N Y
Mt Buckhorn 8,380ft CO 2 N N
Mt St Helens 8,365ft WA 0 N Y
Point 8300 8,300ft NM 0 N S
Point 8292 8,292ft NM 0 N Y
Mays Peak 8,283ft CO 0 N Y
Point 8201 8,201ft NM 0 N Y
Boundary Peak 8,190ft NM 0 N N
Cerro Picacho 8,113ft NM 0 N Y
Muscoco Mountain 8,020ft CO 0 N N
Elephant Mountain 8,018ft NM 0 N Y
Point 8009 8,009ft NM 0 N N
Point 7860 7,860ft NM 0 N Y
Cabezon Peak 7,785ft NM 1 N Y
Cedro Peak 7,767ft NM 0 N Y
Manzano Mountain 7,610ft NM 0 N Y
Las Lomas de la Bolsa 7,505ft NM 0 N Y
Point 7420 7,420ft NM 12 N S
**Elbert Rock 7,370ft CO 0 County N
Point 7346 7,346ft NM 0 N Y
Colorado Peak 7,305ft NM 0 N Y
Mt Cutler 7,220ft CO 2 N N
Tetilla Peak 7,203ft NM 0 N Y
Point 7102 7,102ft NM 0 N Y
Cerro Bonanza 7,088ft NM 0 N Y
Point 7020 7,020ft NM 1 N S
Cerro Cuate 7,019ft NM 0 N Y
Dege Peak 7,006ft WA 0 N Y
Grand Central Mountain 6,976ft NM 0 N Y
Point 6950 6,950ft NM 0 N Y
Point 6935 6,935ft NM 0 N Y
El Cerro de la Cosena 6,923ft NM 0 N Y
Cerro Archibeque 6,916ft NM 0 N Y
Point 6860 6,860ft NM 3 N Y
Cerro de Santa Clara 6,858ft NM 0 N Y
Point 6810 6,810ft NM 0 N Y
Austin Bluffs 6,730ft CO 0 N N
Popes Bluffs 6,730ft CO 0 N N
Cerro Chato 6,652ft NM 0 N Y
Pulpit Rock 6,610ft CO 0 N N
Point 6580 6,580ft NM 0 N Y
The Mesa 6,550ft CO 0 N N
Hogback 6,536ft CO 0 N Y
Point 6482 6,482ft CO 0 N Y
Sugarloaf Mountain 6,455ft NM 0 County Y
Mt Tongariro 6,453ft New Zealand 0 NA Y
Point 6370 6,370ft NM 0 N Y
U-Mound 6,307ft NM 45 N N
Smoky Hill Ridge 6,215ft CO 0 County N
Vulcan Volcano 6,033ft NM 2 N N
Black Volcano 5,985ft NM 2 N N
**Lincoln CoHP 5,970ft CO 0 County N
El Cerro de los Lunas 5,955ft NM 0 N Y
J A Volcano 5,944ft NM 2 N N
Bond Volcano 5,890ft NM 0 N N
Butte Volcano 5,883ft NM 0 N N
**Rocky Flats 5,845ft CO 0 County N
Ben Lomond 5,735ft New Zealand 0 NA Y
High Rock 5,685ft WA 0 N Y
**Kipling and Belleview 5,685ft CO 0 County N
**DIA Ridge 5,665ft CO 0 County N
**Presidents Hill 5,430ft CO 0 County N
Mt Marcy 5,344ft NY 0 State Y
**Baca CoHP 5,290ft CO 0 County N
**Dry Bluff 5,270ft CO 0 County N
El Cerro Tome 5,228ft NM 0 N Y
Algonquin Peak 5,114ft NY 0 N Y
San Jose Ranch Mesa 4,855ft CO 0 County Y
Gothics 4,736ft NY 0 N Y
Two Buttes 4,711ft CO 0 County Y
Selenite Bluff 4,695ft CO 0 County N
Giant Mt 4,627ft NY 0 N Y
Wright Peak 4,580ft NY 0 N N
Saddleback Mt 4,515ft NY 0 N Y
**Yuma Corner 4,445ft CO 0 County N
Big Slide Mt 4,240ft NY 0 N Y
Phelps Mt 4,161ft NY 0 N N
Kilauea Volcano 4,090ft HI 0 N N
Mount Sunflower 4,039ft KS 0 State N
Puu Huluhulu 3,440ft HI 0 N N
Backbone Mountain 3,370ft MD 0 State N
Mount Davis 3,213ft PA 0 State N
Queenstown Hill 2,976ft New Zealand 0 NA N
Magazine Mountain 2,753ft AR 0 State Y
Mount Nittany (Point 2302) 2,302ft PA 0 N Y
Cross Mountain 2,062ft PA 0 N Y
High Point 1,803ft NJ 0 State Y
Campbell Hill 1,550ft OH 0 State Y
West Mountain 1,410ft AR 0 N Y
**Hoosier Hill 1,257ft IN 0 State N
**Mount Barker 850ft HI 0 N N
Mount Bonnell 790ft TX 0 N N
Puu Olai 360ft HI 0 N Y
**Not a summit

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