Naches Ranger District Additions and Corrections

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PeakAddict - Mar 16, 2011 9:15 pm - Voted 10/10


There are some discrepancies in the elevations of the Naches Ranger District peaks with the topographic maps.

The following are the correct elevations as shown on the topo map. Perhaps the incorrect elevations came from older, out of date, topo maps and the Ranger District just hasn't updated them.

An easy way to verify the following is to find the peak at When at the peak's page, then click "Full Screen Topo Map", then
magnify further, if need be.

Old Snowy Mountain, 7880'+

Ives Peak, 7920'+

Bear Creek Mountain, 7337'

Nelson Butte, 7160'+

Devils Horn, 7040'+

Fifes Peak NW, (This is actually Fifes Ridge, West. See, 6920'+

The map shows an elevation of 6917', but if you look closely, that is
below the summit.

There is also a Fifes Ridge, East,, at 6520'+

Fifes Peak, West, 6880'+

Fifes Peak, Middle, 6793'+

Fifes Peak, East, 6375'

Rattlesnake Peaks, North, 6850' (agrees with SummitPost)

Rattlesnake Peaks, South, 6583'

Spencer Point, 6680'+

Crown Point, 6480'+

Arnesons Peak, 6400'+

Gold Hill, 6295'

Tumac Mountain, 6320'+

Quartz Mountain, 6280'+

Bootjack Rock, 5920'+

Spiral Butte, 5920'+

Twin Peaks, East, 5920'+

Twin Peaks, West, 5843'. Added to the list.

Bald Mountain, 6115'. Added to the list since the lookout, below, was not on the highest point, the true summit. See

Bald Mountain lookout site, 5898'. A better name for where the lookout used to be, since it was not on the highest point, the true summit, above.

Fryingpan Mountain, 5720'+

Blowout Mountain, 5750'

Jumpoff Lookout, 5670'. The correct name. Jump Off Joe is a different summit. See

Jumpoff Lookout Peak, 5760'+. Added to the list since the lookout above is not on the highest point, the true summit. See

Westfall Rocks, West, 4060'. Agrees with SummitPost.

Westfall Rocks, East, 3295'. Added to the list.

Chimney Peaks, East, 3870'

Chimney Peaks, West, 3840+. Added to the list.

Edgar Rock, 3680'+

Sentinel Rock, 3040'+

Windy Point, 2640'+

Timberwolf Mountain, 6391'

Raven Roost, 6160'+

Miners Ridge lookout site, 6040'+

Miners Ridge, 6080'+. Added to the list since the lookout above is not on the highest point, the true summit. See


MattDurkee - Apr 30, 2011 12:36 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Elevations

Thanks for the interest in my page. I understand your personal need for only using USGS Quad maps to determine elevations, but because this is a page and a peak list for the Naches Ranger District, I have also incorporated exact elevations given on the Naches Ranger District map which is for sale at the Naches Ranger District office.

I used the exact elevations from the USGS Quad maps if available. If not available on the USGS Quad maps, but available on the the Naches Ranger District map, I used those instead of estimating an elevation based on USGS contour lines.

I did see a couple of elevations that I do need to fix out of the list you created, but most of the original elevations you had listed as discrepancies were taken, as I mentioned, from the official Naches Ranger District map published by the US Forest Service.

I think it is fair to point out that some of the USGS Quads are becoming somewhat out of date also. Take Mt. Rainier for example, the website you mentioned that has a USGS Quad shown which lists 14,410' for Mt. Rainier. Recent survey work has officially changed this elevation to 14,411'.

I also apologize for the late reply as I have been extremely busy for quite some time with raising two newborns, trying to finish my master's thesis in geology, and working. I probably should not even have taken the time to create this page yet, but I wanted to get it out there. I will be happier when I can get back to climbing more.

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