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Namakaar area covering 3666 hectares of the land in Boushehr province in the south of Iran is sure one of the most unique places one can ever see. A wonderland made by salt! The peak itself is about 1400 meters high with millions of colors on it. The area has 15 caves found lately with 30 to 1500 meters length. Salty springs, Salty waterfalls, Salty plaines and etc., make this area a great place to see for nature lovers.

Getting There

The area is located 144 kilometers south-east of Boushehr and 60 kilometers far from Khormoj town. From Khormoj you should take the road to Dashty and then to Ganakhak village to get to the area.

Special Thanks

Dear Esfandyar Mollahoseini, thank you for taking all these great photos and sorry you didn't take some more!


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