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Location Lat/Lon: 36.38880°N / 50.88505°E
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Apr 29, 2008
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring


It was a very cold winter day long long ago. Solomon the messenger was travelling with her queen when he got stock in the deep snows of Mt Narges! There was no way to survive, so solomon asked god to do something. Suddenly a big stone opened and a hot spring appeared. Solomon and his queen survived that night and left the spring open for the people to use it and to remember them.
Today, you the traveller should respect the spring and don't go into it unless you are clean, inside and out! If you are dirty in any way the dragon of the spring will come out to you when you enter the spring bath!

Narges Hot Spring

Narges Hot Spring2

Narges Hot Spring is located below the slopes of Mt Narges on the North-East. It's beside the ancient route between Tonekabon and Taleghan at the elevation of 2443 meters. Since the time a 5 day hike was needed to get to this spring untill now that you can reach it by a 3 hour hike it's been used for hydrotherapy! Comparing with more than 25 hot springs I have been to in my life this one is something really special.

Getting There

Sern Village-Tonekabon

The first time I visited Narges hot spring you had to hike for about 12 hours to reach it. Today as the road has gone farther in the mountains you start hiking from Sern village and can reach the Hot Spring in about 3 hours.
After turning to Sehezar road from Dohezar-Sehezar junction you continue the road to the end. Hiking starts from Sern village and quickly passes Shahressan and Darjan. Mianrood is a little farther.

Mianrood Village

Mianrood Ancient Bath
Mianrood Cafe

Mianrood village which was one day very important because it was the governors' place of residence in summer is located at the west end of Mianrood valley where it crosses Darjan Valley. The east end of Mianrood Valley reaches the northwest slopes of Takht-e-Soleyman While on it's south the complex of Langary peaks shine!
There are still some remains of the ancient buildings left in Mianrood which The most famous of them is the old bath of governor.
Mianrood is the place that Hot spring route and Shelef route devide. For going to Narges Hot Spring you should keep going south but for Shelef Spring you should go to east via Mianroo valley.



After Mianrood you should pass Eshtiyas with all it's beautiful rocks and should go across the river. If you are lucky there will be a small wooden bridge. If not...


The Bath

After about an hour you get to Narges Hot Spring. Just with spending 10 minutes in the spring natural pool you will feel fresh no matter how long you have been hiking!

The Area

The Blue
Our Gift To Nature!

The area is also famous for it's great flora with vast variety of flowers and it's delicious natural mushrooms! I always put some of my time for mushroom search while I'm here.
And like many other places in the mountains people do their worst to the nature!So sad.
If you keep going south on this Valley you will get to Shirbashm and then enter Taleghan area. It's a great hiking program as I've heared and I'm planning to do it once.
We spent the night and in the morning went back to Mianrood. We left our packs with a friend of us and went to get some water from Shelef Spring.

Mianrood Valley

Mt Narges
Traditional Ploughing

On the route you can see a great view of Narges1 on the southwest and a great view of Takht-e-Soleyman on the southeast. Also the farms are so beautiful. Farming is still traditional here and really amazing.

Shelef Spring

Shelef Spring&Waterfall
Shelef Spring

Anyone who is suffering from kidney stone should try this magic water. It's got a lot of gas in it and has been working for many many people. Doesnt taste so good itself but when you make yoghurt drink with it you can't stop drinking. The spring is located about an hour above Mianrood Village on the north slope of Mianrood Valley beside the waterfall that takes the Takht-e-Soleyman area water down to Darjan Valley and from there these two rivers combine.

Home Again!

Mt Narges in winter

It's been two days now. We are in the cars going back home! No ones happy about that. We are all thinking about the last night. All our moments together, Mostly the drink we had in the natural hot tub of the spring!


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