Nevado Huarancante and Nevado Chucura from the Mirador de los volcanos

Every tourist bus stops at the highest point along the road between Arequipa and Chivay, the Mirador de los volcanos. This viewpoint is almost 4900m high, and from here you can see volcanos nearby and far in the distance.

Most people first look at Ampato (6288m), Sabancaya(5976m) and Hualca Hualca (6025m), which are about 30km west of here. After that, Chachani (6057m) and Misti (5822m), a lot further south, get all the attention. Hardly anybody looks east, where you have these two: to the left is Nevado Huarancante (±5430m), distance about 7km, and on the right is Nevado Chucura (±5260m), about 5km. I sure did look, because I had climbed both of them yesterday!

24 May 2011.


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