Nevado Huarancante and Nevado Chucura from the west

From the Mirador de los volcanos, from where I just started, these mountains are all but hidden from view. The reason is that, although this viewpoint is the highest point on the main road between Arequipa and Chivay, east of the road the terrain is slightly uphill. If you walk just a few minutes, it levels off and there you get this excellent view of the two mountains.

Nevado Huarancante, the highest one of the two, takes up the left half of the photo. The summit lies 7km due east from here and is between 5400 and 5450m.

Nevado Chucura covers the right half of the photo. The summit lies over 5km east by southeast and is just over 5250m.

If you look closely, you'll see a kind of telecom or radio tower. This is an excellent orientation point for the route to either mountain. Here is a closer look at that tower (including its location):

20 May 2011.


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