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Location Lat/Lon: 45.95831°N / 7.81677°E
Additional Information County: Switzerland-Wallis-Monterosa
Additional Information Elevation: 9459 ft / 2883 m


The new Monterosahuette.

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The original shelter under the Monterosa massif was built from the engineer "François Bétemps" with the contribution of the family "Seiler" of Zermatt.

The shelter, that was property of the SAC (Swiss alpin club) main section, was erected between 1894/1895 and it had only a single room. Therein 25 places were available.

It was expanded in 1918 by 20 places. During the 1929 the SAC gave the ownership of the shelter to the SAC "section Monterosa" under the condition to rebuild it within a year.
From that time the shelter taken the name of “Monterosahütte”(Monterosa hut).

In the years 1939/40, a larger reconstruction resulted then: kitchen and sleep room were separated, and the number of the overnight stay places rised in 86. In 1972 the amount of beds was nearly on 146, in 1984 in 160 places.

In the September 25th 2009 the new “Monterosa hut” or "Bergkristall" was inaugurated above Zermatt, after 6 years from the beginning of its planning.

The hut has started its normal activity in March 2010, after the winter pause.

The shelter, which is property of the Swiss Mountain Club, was built on the occasion of 150° anniversary of the "University of Zurich", in collaboration with the faculty of architecture of the technical university of Luzern and the same Swiss Mountain Club.

It it represents a unique example in its type, both in terms of architectural and engineering facilities of energy.

Situated on an exposed slope at 2.883 meters, in the means of an unblemished and spectacular landscape between the glaciers of "Gorner", "Grenz" and "Monterosa", it a milestone for the future mountain constructions will become.


Monterosa hut.
Monterosa hut.

For how much it pertains the energy appearance, the 90% of the requirements comes satisfied from the solar energy: across photovoltaic panels in fact is possible to store the necessary energy for the operation of all of the electric devices.

The energy in surplus comes stored in batteries; that guarantees a continuous availability of energy also in the days with overcast.
The supply of water happens means the dissolution of the snow in the environs of the shelter.
This comes collected in summer and stored in a tank, so to guarantee always running water in the shelter.

All of the equipment were however planned for the saving of the water. For example the water of discharging of the kitchens comes used like discharging in the baths while the warm water for showers, sinks and the kitchen comes obtained from thermal installations solariums.

A very important factor to obtain a high degree of self-sufficiency is the capacity of "management" of the energy.
I'is not only with the individual components to guarantee the energy saving, but is above all their interaction that gives back this building so intelligently optimized.
Together with the analysis of the data on the present climate (temperature and irradiation) and of the different parameters of the building (energy and water accumulated), come introduced in the system also data that the atmospheric predictions and the future influx of visitors.
This allows a precise regulation of all of the system-building and so a real growth of its efficiency.

For how much it pertains the true and actual accomplishment of the shelter go underlined different appearance.

The transportation of the material varieties happened in part via road and on tracks, but in the last stroke of the journey from the rail station of “Rotenboden” across the glacier has given back necessary the use of the helicopter.
The constituent element of the logistics of the transportations is the structure of assembly in wood, that with the its 200 tons of weight represents the most large component of weight of the building.

For the accomplishment were hypothesized different possible solutions. Even though the employment of structures to prefabricated cell for the accomplishment of the inside spaces would have been able shorten remarkably the times of accomplishment, has chosen for the utilization of small prefabricated components (walls and attics), easily transportable with small helicopters because remarkably more light.

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Getting there

The most logic way to get the hut is from the rail station of "Rotenboden" 2.819m and across the glacier of "Gorner". The route is the same in summer as in winter.
Attention! new iron ladder has been palced at the end of the path coming down from Rotenboden. It permit to get the glacier easyer than the previous chains.

Anyway, a more complete overview is on the page: Ski routes from Monterosa hut



Important! The booking is possible ONLY online on the webside and not by phone. On the website a reservation system shows the number of the places left available and same fields to fill up.
Online bookings can only be done until 24 hours before arrival date. Later bookings can only be done by phone.
In order to validate the booking, the hut will confirm the booking by E-mail that will be sent to the customer within 2 h.
In case of cancellation, the customer must inform the hut keeper by phone 24 hours (1 day) before. Otherwise, the hut keeper can charge with CHF 20.-per people.

Booking online here: LINK


Hut keeper: - Manuela und Horst Brantschen - Feld 22 3924 St.Niklaus

Contact: - Tel. cabane / Hütte: 027 967 21 15
- Tel. privé / Privat: 027 956 31 50
- eMail:

Price list: - CHF 28.00: Membre CAS
- CHF 18.00: Membre J+S
- CHF 45.00: Non-membres 18 years
- CHF 28.00: Kids 7-17 years
- CHF 17.00: Group for more than 10 kids 7-17 years
- CHF 9.00: Kids < 6 years
- CHF 3.00: Hot water
- CHF 38.00: Half board