No restrictions to climb Cotopaxi

No restrictions to climb Cotopaxi

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update from the Cotopaxi summit

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No restrictions to climb Cotopaxi

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In the last weeks there were a lot of discussion about the Cotopaxy and its activity. But now I can ease the people who where worried about climbing Cotopaxi.
THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS to climb the second highest summit of Ecuador. The government gave the permission to any guide and sportsmen to climb the vulcano again without any limits. As long as the conditions are not getting worse, there are no reasons to not reach the summit.
To be really sure and convinced that everything is alright during the ascent, I talked to an experienced mountain guide, Fernando Iza. He is climbing almost every mountain in Ecuador for more than 10 years now and came back from his last Cotopaxi Tour yesterday. My questions for him are the following:

What do you think about the situation of the Cotopaxi. Climbing is permited, but is it still safe?
Fernando: Yes, the ascent of the Cotopaxy is good. Sometimes you can smell sulfur really strong and sometimes you can smell nothing. It depends mostly on the wind.

Are there restrictions to climb the Cotopaxi?
Fernando: No, there are no restrictions right now. People can climb it without any problem or danger.

Are there extraordinary risks while climbing Cotopaxi?
Fernando: Right now, no. But if the activity of the vulcano is rising, it could also affect the gas emissions.

How is the weather right now at the summit of Cotopaxi?
Fernando: Bueno, the weather can always change, especially in the mountains it changes really fast and there is almost no chance to predict it very well.
You always have to check the weather, before and even if you are already climbing. It is still part of the nature we can`t control.


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