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Trentino, Italy, Europe
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Normal Ascent
Created On: Oct 2, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 2, 2005


The approach to the three trailheads is described on the main page. There actually are two more possible starting points in the north of the Altipiano but imho they are too far away to be feasible.

Route Description

  • General data
      - Start altitudes: 2584m (Rosetta), 2278m (Pradidali), 1428m (Canali)
      - Summit altitude: 2939m
      - Prevailing exposition: all directions, S at the end
      - Type: trails across the Altipiano, scarcely marked final ascent to the summit
      - Protection: Easy unexposed hike
  • Effort: 600m - 1500m gain in elevation
  • Power: 1 - easy
  • Psyche: 1 - unexposed

    The actual ascent of Cima della Fradusta is a short scramble which takes less than an hour, getting to the starting point near Forca Alta del Ghiacciaio, however can take several hours.
  • From Rifugio Pedrotti (Rosetta):
    • The direct route follows trail no 709 to Passo Pradidali. There is one short tricky section along an angled polished slab slope but apart from this it is easy enough. From Passo Pradidali Basso switch to trail 708 which eventually would take you to Passo Canali.

      At Passo della Fradusta you can decide between two trails, a northern one which circumvents the glacier, and a southern one which crosses it. Both recombine east of the glacier tongue to climb steeply to the Fradusta north ridge. There's lot of scree here and in fact part of the trail has broken away with the slope. There is a signpost marking the place where the actual summit ascent begins (though the signpost doesn't mention La Fradusta!).
    • There also is a very indirect route across the whole Altipiano which takes about 4 - 5h to get you to the base of the climb. Follow trail no. 707 across the Altipiano along what is called Riviera di Manna. The trail makes a large bend northward surrounding Pizzo del Miel before reaching Forca del Miel. Here you get great views of the Agner Group of the Pale di San Martino.

      From the Forca you descend into one of the many valleys of the Altipiano and finally scramble up to Passo Canali (with more good views, this time of the south-eastern chain of the Pale. In Passo Canali switch to trail 708, which will take you up to Forca Alta del Ghiacciaio and from there to the signpost mentioned above.

  • From Rifugio Pradidali:
    Again there are two routes, one of which directly leads to Passo della Fradusta, the other of which climbs to Passo delle Lede before crossing the western slopes of Fradusta to Passo della Fradusta. Both trails recombine a bit south-east of Passo della Fradusta on the trail which leads across the Glacier to the signpost mentioned above.
  • From Val Canali:
    I haven't been on either of the two possible routes so here's just a general direction. Route 1 climbs from the valley floor across trail no 711 through Vallon delle Lede to Passo delle Lede and from there on as described above. Route 2 leads from Rifugio Treviso in Canali to Passo Canali and from there as decribed above.

    The final Ascent
    From the abovementioned signpost follow the north ridge of Cima della Fradusta to the summit. There are several marks and little cairns but don't expect too much. The ridge is chossy and it is quite hard to make out the cairns - moreover there are sometimes several markers which lead to dead ends. You'll top out near the central of the three Fradusta Summits. The summit marker can be found on the south-western one. There is a knife edge traverse to a little plateau further south-west, directly hovering above Val Pradidali. This should be the best vantage point but we didn't have the nerve to do the traverse with the plateau already occupied.

    Essential Gear

    Hiking gear and lots of water. Don't laugh but you need sunblocker. The Altipiano is almost white and reflects sunlight easily. Though it was the last day of our three week vacation and though we used sunblocker with factor 30 we still got heavily sunburned.

  • Normal Ascent

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